Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm Back!!

So, it's been over a year since I blogged.  There are many reasons for the abrupt stop.  First and foremost, I was so crazy planning my wedding.  You can have the best wedding planner in the world (which I am bias but I think I did) and there are still a million things the bride needs to do before the big day.  After my wedding we went on the most incredible honeymoon ever, and when we returned I hit the ground running as a bridesmaid.  Since I last blogged I have attended nine bachelorette parties, been to seventeen weddings and been a bridesmaid four times.  I have been in Chicago about three weekends this entire summer and have had family visiting for two of them.  If that tells you anything, life has been pretty insane.

However, as it all calms down and my life becomes my own again, I have found myself missing my blog.  There were so many moments at these past weddings where I thought to myself, this would have been incredible for the blog.

So I am back.  I will sort of recap over the past year.  It will be fun for me to share some of the moments that have made this year the best one yet.  I will even include a recap of all the fun festivities leading up to my own wedding.  With several weddings still on the horizon and one special wedding of my lifelong best friend to my husband's life long best friend in Mexico, I will have new stuff to share as well.

I have learned a lot in the past year, and after being a bride myself, I think I have a lot of material to help you all be the best friend and bridesmaid possible.

Hope you are as excited as I am!!


  1. I am so excited but like...where are you?

  2. I cant wait to hear about everything!!!

  3. Granted, the rest of the budget took a beating due the price, but luckily almost everything else was brought in by my parents, so we could afford the weddings venue.

  4. Love your blog, welcome back.

  5. Find your blog so great, pretty pictures and beautiful colors.

  6. Really love your blog! Hope you get back and post more stories here. It's been 3 long yeaarrssss

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