Friday, August 31, 2012

Something New

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am doing a mini series on the five Somethings.  "Something New"  symbolizes optimism for the future and the new life the bride will share with her groom.

This is an easy something for a bridesmaid to give to the bride:

  • New lingere: to wear under her dress (perfect bachelorette party gift)
  • New robe: to get ready in (maybe all the girls have matching ones)
  • New garter
  • New purse: Can carry something old like a hankerchif inside
  • New shade of lipstick
  • New jewelry (maybe a gift from all the bridesmaids given at a shower)
  • New shoes
Hint to bride..This one is easy... YOUR DRESS IS SOMETHING NEW!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Something Old

Not sure about all of you, but I love a good beach read.  After a busy day of work my favorite thing to do is get on the elliptical or take a bath and read.  I recently finished Emily Giffin's new book, Where We Belong, and I was just so sad when I finished it.  I love all her books and now I know I have to wait a while until another one comes out.  If you are not familiar with Emily Giffin, she is also the author of Something Borrowed and Something Blue among others.  This inspired me to start a small mini series I have labeled "The Something Series."

Much of what takes place during weddings stems from tradition. There are religious traditions, family traditions as well as historical traditions. As a bridesmaid and also a bride, I always think to myself how can I make a moment more special.  One of the greatest traditions is abiding by the old English rhyme "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe." If the bride carries each one of these somethings on her the day of the wedding, it will lead to a happy marriage.   This series is going to focus on how a bride can fill these traditions, as well as how as a bridesmaid you can help.  Today, I start with "something old."
The "something old" symbolizes a connection to the bride's past moving to the future.   Below are some ideas the bride could use, the beginning ones are more common and some of the latter ones are my own personal creations:
  • Father or grandfathers ring: Many brides use their father's or grandfather's ring to place on the grooms hand during the ceremony and then replace it with their new wedding band for the reception.
  • Handkerchief: Entwine a family members old handkerchief into the brides bouquet
  • Mother or grandmothers dress: Find a way to incorporate an important women's wedding dress by sewing a piece of it into the inside of the bride's dress
  • Wedding photos: Place family members wedding photos on display at the reception
  • Childhood pillowcase: Use a childhood pillowcase for the ring bearer
  • Incorporate an important hobby/sport: Any child that is dedicated to a hobby or sport growing up knows how much time and love their family put in to make that possible.  For me it was ice skating.  I think it would be so special to incorporate a skating outfit by sewing it on the inside of my dress or putting a ribbon around bouquet as a way of tying my past to my future.
  • Baby blanket: OK, so Ill admit it I still have sleep with my baby blankets.  I am contemplating cutting a piece of one and having it sewn into my dress
  • Sweet sixteen wine glass: Not sure if this happened when you turned sixteen, but at sweet sixteens in Chicago it was a ritual to have all guests write a wish for the young women that she would not read until it was her wedding day.  Wax would then be dripped on top to seal these messages.  Only on the day of her wedding should she open this glass and read the messages.  I cannot wait to do this!
These are just a few ideas, I would love to hear any creative ideas or traditions your family follows for the "something old."

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Incredible Etsy Wedding Finds: Mustache Goodies

So really what is up with all this mustache paraphernalia?  I seriously see it EVERYWHERE!  The other day I was at Paper Source and there was an entire table with different mustache goodies.  Lately I have seen many people incorporating mustaches into their wedding to bring a quirky and fun spin on the affair.  As I do with any creative idea, I set out on Etsy to find the most unique homemade mustache items out there.

Alisha's Designs
Double Action Design

Nema Paperie

Bijotti & Ciciotti
Faire Une Fete


Itty Bitty Wedding

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap: Our -1 Anniversary

Friday night was so special.  David and I went out to a romantic dinner at one of  Chicago's hidden gems, Pelago.  The night started out with a bit of a surprise for me.. we had distinctly said no gifts.  Since we are still planning on celebrating our fourth (and final) year of dating on December 13th, we decided NO gifts for -1.  Well I followed the rule, but David did not.

When we were popping a bottle of champagne before dinner David pulled out this:

I mean that wrapping paper is what I would declare life.  It is so glittery and pretty and perfect.  David nailed the wrapping so well, I couldn't even imagine what was inside!  He then told me to open this card:

Enough said.  This card was also life.  So basically I am all choked up and so confused what could possibly be inside.  After I spent 15 minutes unwrapping as to not destroy any of the paper, my mouth literally dropped.  Inside was the clutch I have been eyeing for weeks at Intermix.  I had vaguely mentioned I wanted to show it to him one day when we passed by, but we never even went in!  He must have made a mental note and went back and got it.  Seriously, it was so unexpected and over the top.  I am still a little shakey thinking about it!

After dinner we decided to head over to the Four Seasons, our wedding venue, to take a quick pic:

I proceeded to send this out to our entire family with the caption "1 year bitches" to which my Mom was a little upset with my choice of words.

When we got home we opened a special bottle of wine:

Our best friends, Eric and Stephanie, gave us 3 bottles of wine when we got engaged, one to drink on our pre-anniversary, another for our 1 year anniversary, and a final bottle for our 5 year anniversary.  It was so exciting to finally get to pop one open!

We filled some solo cups and went on a walk with Pizza, and overall it was probably one of my favorite nights we have ever spent together.

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2012


In exactly 365 days I am marrying the love of my life and I could not be more excited! I cannot believe we are already one year out, the past six months have flown by, and now then fun of planning is all about to begin!  In honor of our -1 anniversary I wanted to take all of you down a little memory road that is mine and David's relationship.  I usually would just make this sort of thing for him as a book, but I figured I may as well share it with my readers so enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dorothy Perkins

I have been doing research online for dresses that won't cost half my paycheck, while still adding some high fashion into my wardrobe.  Enter Dorothy Perkins.  I have seen some of her dresses from time to time on other blogs, but I never really put much thought into it.  I just checked out the site for the first time and there are so many dress options all under $100.  Also, if you sign up for the newsletter you receive 15% off your purchase. 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roast or Toast?


 If the bride asks you to give a speech at some point throughout the wedding weekend I think it is important to remember the difference between giving a roast and a toast.  For starters you have to remember who you are speaking about.  If the bride is sarcastic and can take a good roasting session then go ahead, but if she is sweet and sincere and just wants to hear how you became such good friends and some words of wisdom, stick with what will genuinely make her happy.  Of course you want your speech to standout amongst the room full of listeners, but it should not be at the expensive of your friend.  You have to remember she has family, coworkers, and family friends in the room as well as everyone from her grooms side, and she may not be up for a harsh beating.

Basically, my one piece of advice is do this for her and make she will be overcome with happy tears not sad ones! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Attention NYC ladies.. I Need Your Help!

Alright all you New York City ladies, I am attending a wedding in NYC in October and I need to make a hair appointment.  Where do we go?  In a city where its impossible to get dinner reservations I am assuming a blow out at 3pm on a Saturday may book up fast, so my friends and I are going to make appointments now.  The hard part is we have NO idea where to go.  We are staying in Midtown East so any recommendations you can give us would be very much appreciated.

Please suggest away.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend recap: My Trip to Michigan!

This past weekend was filled with family and relaxing, it was exactly what I needed.  David and I drove up to Michigan to visit my Sister, brother-in-law and their little baby Spencer.  It is so crazy how fast he is growing up, he is honestly the cutest little munchkin ever. 

We brought pizza along with us so she could spend some quality time with her cousin Izzy.

On Saturday Melissa and Jeff threw a surprise party for Jeff's Moms 60th birthday.  I was so impressed with how grown up she has become...  I mean look at this food she served...

OK I meant look at the food she catered, but a catered party that is so mature!!  She also came up with this adorable "Myna's Hard Lemonade" stand that I helped her execute (I cut out some labels)

We also ran into a special someone while on a walk...

But, mainly I jam packed my weekend with some much needed Spencer time.

Playing with uncle David's nose

 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally Friday

I hope everyone has some exciting weekend plans.  I am heading up to Michigan to visit my little man.  Is he not the cutest little munchkin in the world?

I promise to post as many pictures as I can next week!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Edith Hart

When it comes to online shopping, your options may be limited to the traditional department stores and major online powerhouses like  Don't get me wrong I visit these sites daily, but sometimes I would love to order from one of those hidden gem boutiques.  That is why yesterday I was so thrilled to find out my favorite Chicago boutique, Edith Hart, has just launched their online store.  For those of you that haven't heard of Edith Hart or don't live in Chicago, be prepared to love every item in the ENTIRE store.

The reason I am so obsessed with Edith Hart is they have so many great options for the professional bridesmaid in all of us. Here are just a few of my favorite dresses they offer:

Snap Dragon Zip Dress

Fever Pitch Dress

Valley Song Dress
Goldrush Dress

Here are some of my favs, I promise you will love the site so head on over to Edith Hart and check it out!  Also, how amazing does my friend Siera's little sister look as the model?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Incredible Etsy Wedding Finds: Wedding Organization

Lately, I have just been obsessed with Etsy.  Whether it is a gift for someone else, or a purchase for myself, I know if I go on Etsy I will be able to find something that is not only creative, but a little different than ordinary.  I frequently post my finds on Etsy, but today I realized how wonderful it would be to create a new series!

So today, I am kicking it off the new series with Wedding Organization.  Whether you have a wedding planner or not there is SO much that goes into planning a wedding.  I have spent hours looking for wedding organization systems.  Since we have a wedding planner I do not need a checklist sort of system, more along the lines of a place to keep track on my own of what needs to be done.  Below are a few of the creative options I found on Etsy.  I figure these may make a great engagement gift for the bride, or a special treat the bride can give to her Mom!

Wedding Planner Binder from Urban Collective
Each beautiful binder is personalized and made to order. The wedding organizer and planner has 21 sections filled with checklists, schedules, comprehensive budgets and the right questions to ask all your vendors.

Personalized Wedding Binder Kit from Ampers and Ink $50
This binder kit is perfect for someone that just wants a place to keep all wedding details organized.  It includes a personalized cover, 10-12 dividersand a 12 month calendar at a glance.

Deluxe Engagement Package from Better Half Wedding and Events - $275
They design & create a custom planning binder, stuffed with personalized details, including theirA-Z planning tabs & tips. Also included is their "A Smart Bride is an Organized Bride" CD & worksheets {about 8 different planning worksheets you can download and customize in your own computer, including a wedding planning checklist, budget tracker, and more!} This package also includes a custom year calendar, Say Yes to the Dress section, pictures of you & your hubby-to-be scattered throughout the binder, inspiration boards, and SO much more!

I hope you enjoy this new series feel free to share with me some of your favorite Etsy finds!