Friday, June 29, 2012

Miami Break

Sorry I have been gone most of the week, but I am currently in Miami working and enjoying some family time.  Here is a little recap on what I have been up to..

What I woke up to this morning

Dinner at Yardbird with my bestie La (where I could finally ask her in person to be my bridesmaid!)

I finally figured out how to do the perfect top knot.  If you are intrested in learning how I did it let me know and I will make a post on it!

The rest of the weekend is filled with some quality with my Dad and David and hopefully catching up with some old friends.

On another note, I normally don't speak much about my family business/day job, but oddly enough today my two worlds have collided.  If you check out the blog, Do You Really Know What You are Eating?, today's post is on some delicious "Sweet Mama" watermelon he picked up at Costco.  Sweet Mama! Produce is one of my family companies and it is pretty exciting to find someone blogging on how much they enjoyed our product.  So if you have a minute and want to click on over and read about a happy customer I would be thrilled.  Also, when you are in your local grocery store or Costco and you are picking up some watermelon for the holiday, make sure to grab a Sweet Mama! melon if they are available. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will be back with more on my Miami trip next week!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ribbon Bouquet Tutorial 1

As I mentioned Friday, I attended Lisa's shower this past Sunday.  As expected it was a great day filled with yummy food and wonderful friends. 

Being that this is the first shower I have attended where I am a bridesmaid since I began this blog, I felt it was the perfect time to give my "Ribbon Bouquet Tutorial."  This is the first of a few I will provide, because depending on where the bride registers, the bouquet can be completely different.  Just as some background info on this particular bouquet I thought it was important to include that Lisa's Mom owns an AMAZING store in Highland Park, IL called Table Compliments.  They have the most gorgeous pieces for your kitchen and home.  Lisa registered for the majority of her gifts at Table Compliments, so the bows are extra beautiful and colorful.   

Friday, June 22, 2012

Excited to Celebrate Lisa

I am really looking forward to Sunday because it is Lisa's first bridal shower!  Lisa and I started out as camp friends, but it wasn't until we were roommates freshman year that our true best friendship began.   She has been dating her fiance, Adam, since he asked her to go to freshman homecoming.  Yes, you read that right freshman year of high school homecoming! 

They are the most amazing couple and I cannot wait for this shower to kick off all of their wedding celebrations!  I am also planning on making a mean ribbon bouquet and I promise to share all my secrets.  Anyways, I will be back Monday with pretty pictures.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses

So I haven't put much thought into what my girls are going to wear.  I know it will be most likely be a long dress, but I don't know color/style etc.  My cardinal rule is let them pick their own shoes and jewelry, but I want to do something different!

I have been playing around on The Dessy Group Website and you view each dress in anywhere from 10 to over 100 colors.  It is such an easy way to run through all my ideas.  Between the 7 brands of dresses they offer I think it is going to be impossible to narrow it down. 

This is one of my favorites

I am really excited to pick them out.  What other brands do you recommend?

Monday, June 18, 2012

NYC & Weekend Recap

I am SO sorry I didn't post after my trip to New York.  I got home Thursday night and met directly up with my best friend Judi that was in town for a wedding!  She was going to be busy all weekend so I had to take advantage of every second.  Then on Friday I was slammed at work, so I apologize for leaving everyone in suspense.

Basically, the trip was AMAZING.  I had the best time with my parents.  You see I travel all the time with my Dad since I work for the family company, but this was truly a personal trip and it was nice to enjoy that time together with my mom and not talk about potatoes and onions (did you all know that is what I do I sell potatoes and onions and all produce in general).  Anyways, I can explain that another day I am sure nobody really cares about that.  We checked into our hotel that was right near central park and grabbed lunch at Harry Cipriani.  Aside from the prices being a little over the top for a lunch (the burger was $30) it was the perfect location and restaurant to kickoff my wedding dress vacay.  Naturally since I was trying on wedding gowns in two hours I got homemade spaghetti.  It was seriously the best bowl of spaghetti ever.  If you know my obsession for noodles then you know this is a bold statement, yes I went there. 

Mom and I at lunch

We then walked down Madison Ave and did some major window shopping.  The thing is Chicago has some great shopping, but there is nothing like New York.  Every brand has their own store it is the most incredible and tempting place ever.  After my Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (and my dad worked on his phone) we came to 991 Madison Ave AKA Vera Wang. 

It was just the most magical experience.  From the moment we stepped foot inside I felt so special.  I was blown away by how well we were treated and my champagne curiosity was immediately put to rest!

I tried on about fifteen dresses and I think I found the one!  We haven't bought anything yet, but you will know when I do!

Afterwards we went back to the hotel and relaxed while watching "Joyful Noise," it was the perfect finish to the afternoon!

For dinner we went to Filidia where I had the most mouth watering pear ravioli.  It tasted like I was at La Giostra in Florence.  It was so delicious I am dying to bring David back the next time we are in New York.

Thursday morning we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel.  All in all it was such a great time with my parents and for the first time I truly felt like I was the bride. 

Then, when I got home it was practically the weekend which was such a nice added bonus.  I spent plenty of time with Judi Thursday night.

We went to the Office, which is the bottom floor of the Aviary.  We had some pretty intense cocktails...

Friday night I had a relaxing date night with David.  Saturday we went to the Album release party for Band Called Catch at the Metro.  If you haven't heard them before I highly suggest you buy their new album!

Sunday we had some quality family time in the City and then headed out to the burbs to be with my Dad!

As I say all the time family time is great, but I really wish my sister, Jeff and Spencer could always be a part of it.  Luckily I am planning a trip to visit them soon!

Hope I covered everything and I will be back with ALL THINGS BRIDESMAIDS this week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick Trip to NYC

Alright so I can not contain my excitement anymore!  Tomorrow morning at 7:20 am I am meeting my parents at the airport so we can board our flight to La Guardia. The reason for the midweek trip you ask?  I AM GOING WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING IN NYC!  I have a 2 PM appointment at the Vera Wang store on Madison Avenue and I don't think I have ever been so excited.  I mean I was literally dancing around the apartment last night, and I am pretty sure David and Pizza think I am partially insane.  I have had the appointment for over a month, but with all the focus I have had on my friends wedding events, I haven't really built up the anticipation.  That all changed when I packed last night!  We are just going for a night, but I am really looking forward to the quality time with my parents.  Since my dad is also my boss it is nice to travel with him as his daughter.  The only thing that would make this trip perfect would be if my sister could come, but I know as a new mom who just returned to her job she can't get away.  However, she better be ready for constant pictures to be arriving on her phone.

So in honor of my big day tomorrow here are a few amazing gowns I would love to walk down the aisle in... I left out my absolute favorites because if David happens to read this no way I want him to see them! 

All pictures were taken from the Vera Wang website

On another note, it is also the moment of truth.  If you have been reading my blog since the beginning you may remember this post.  In all the movies when someone is wedding dress shopping they serve champagne.  When I went with my sister this was not the case.  So tomorrow we will see how Vera Wang holds up!  I will be back with a recap of my trip and if I don't post tomorrow have a great day!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend I was constantly on the go, but enjoyed every minute of it.  Friday night I attended a dessert party in honor of my friend, Jenn, that is moving away for the year :(.  Saturday, I laid out at my gym (and worked out) with Stephanie.

Then I celebrated the graduation of one of my bestest friends. She is in the pretty blue dress below.

Sunday morning I went to a beautiful shower for my friend Samantha.  For some reason I left my camera at home so I cannot upload the pretty picture of the bride and all the girls, but here is a pic I took with the same friend that graduated (we spent some quality time together this weekend:) ).

I then spent some time in the burbs with my parents which I don't know why I don't do more often.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend!  What were you up to??

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Opinion on 'Wedding Fatigue'

I apologize in advance for the lack of sparkly photos and the over serious post you are about to read, but being a bridesmaid and my positive experiences are the basis of my blog, so I am very passionate.

So remember when I said here that I was being interviewed by the Washington Post?   Well the article is finally finished, and I am very satisfied with the outcome.  In the article titled, "When ‘one special day’ grows to marathon of wedding fetes, is it too much?" author, Ellen McCarthy, discusses 'wedding fatigue,' the exhaustion that comes from being a friend of the bride or groom and having to go to multiple showers/engagement parties/bachelorette nights, etc. When she asked if I would be interested in sharing some stories or had any survival tips I was sort of torn.  Of course I wanted to take an interview with the Washington Post, but I really didn't want to be misinterpreted.  I truly love all my friends and the experiences I have had being a bridesmaid, and I wanted to stay true to myself.  In life in general I try to make everything positive.  If you know me outside of this blog you know this about me.  I never quit.  I try to make everyone feel included.  And I will go above and beyond if a friend needs me.  I have my flaws of course, but I truly pride myself in being a good friend. 

So when Ellen contacted me on dishing out the fatigue that comes with being a professional bridesmaid, I did what I would do in any situation I took out a notebook and prepared.  I decided I would start by telling her I will help as much as I can, but my perspective will be positive.  That is how I write my blog and I live my life.  After reading the article I am so happy with what she took from our discussion.  I couldn't be more honored or elated to stand by my best friends on their biggest day of their lives (and all the days they need me leading up to it).  If I can't afford to go to an event, they understand if I say no.  If I can't afford to give a gift, I know they do not care.  The fact is if someone is expecting anything from you other than support and love on their big day, then I think that may be where the real problem lies.  All the events, gifts and showers are just extra bonuses, do not feel your friend will be truly hurt if you aren't able to participate.  If I approached my best friend and asked for her help that I can't afford the shoes or dress she wants, I would hope she could take a step back and accept it OR I think I would be the one HURT. 

When you say "yes" to being a bridesmaid I think you need to accept the fact you will have to buy a dress.  Hopefully the dress will be cost friendly, but if the wedding is 8+ months out you should be able to save enough cash up for that.  As far as travel plans go, if the wedding is a destination or in her home town, you would probably be paying to attend even if you were not a bridesmaid, so that has nothing to do with accepting the honor.  Other than attending the wedding and purchasing a dress, I do not think you have really any other monetary duties.  If the showers are convenient for you to attend, you go.  If you can afford to attend the destination bachelorette party and it works with your work schedule, you go.  And if you can't go to any event for any reason, YOU DON'T GO.  End of story.  I know my Dad/boss probably won't read this, but he thinks I am insane with all the weddings and events I attend, but it is a priority in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Now it is my turn to be the bride and I am trying to approach my wedding from the perspective of the bridesmaid.  I love all my friends so much and want to make sure they know how important they are to me.  So I want to take a moment to tell my amazing sister/maid of honor Melissa, and nineteen beautiful bridesmaids (in alphabetical order) Abby, Ali, Ali Kali, Alison, Beth, Courtney, Dudy, Heather, Hillary, Jamie, Judi, Kate, LA, Lauren, Linus, Lisa, Nicole, Stephanie, and Weisberg that I truly love them, appreciate them, and wouldn't be where I was today if I didn't have each and everyone of them in my life.  Some people may think I am crazy, but I just think I am lucky.


Thank you so much to everyone for reading my blog today and everyday.  I love having this outlet so much and I feel inspired everyday.  I will be back next week with some normal pretty posts and I even have a fun wedding surprise to discuss!  Have a great weekend and if you have a wedding this weekend enjoy and don't drink too much champagne!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spice Up Your Ears

So you have a wedding coming up and cannot justify purchasing a brand new dress?  No need! There are plenty of ways to feel just as special in your favorite LBD (that stands for little black dress and yes I need to write that out because you will be surprised how many people questioned that when I asked my bridesmaids to wear one to my luncheon!).  Think about it, if it's a black dress and you love the way you look in it why change it?  Just ACCESSORIZE differently than you did the last time you wore it. You can spruce up your look by pairing it with a different pair of shoes, maybe adding a belt, or tossing some new jewels into the mix.  At the past few wedding events I have attended I have been seeing many girls with black dresses paired with killer earrings.   So today in honor of all the beautiful earlobes I have been admiring I have found six different pairs under $100 that would  revive any LBD.

Bauble Bar - Kate Spade - Nadri - Kendra Scott - Lauren by Ralph Lauren - Michael by Michael Kors

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Walk Down Wedding Lane: Jon and Jenny's Wedding

If I had to describe Jenny and Jon's wedding in one word it would have to be breathtaking.  From the flowers and crystals, to the love in the room, I truly don't think they missed one tiny detail.  The hard work and the constant travel Jenny put in between Dallas and Atlanta truly paid off.  It was without a doubt a night to remember for the rest of their lives.  I am forewarning you I was enjoying myself so much that I never got an up close picture of the newlyweds in their formal attire.  I have been waiting for the chance that the photographer would upload some on Facebook, but they have only put up two of Jenny.  I promise when more people post I will update this!

If you have ever spent time in Austin then you have probably heard of the Spazmatics.  They are a eighties cover band that packs the outdoor venue, Cedar Street, every single Wednesday night. They dress like silly nerds and really get a party going... well they came to Dallas to celebrate with Jenny and Jon, and it was a blast!

The groomsmen singing to Jenny. Photo taken by Steve Wrubel Photography 
Photo taken by Stephen Karlisch

 As I said before I know I lacked some wedding couple pictures, but as I get some I will post!  Also, special thanks to those of you that posted your pictures on facebook they totally helped tell this beautiful story!  Mazel tov again to Jon and Jenny, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!