Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh What a Night

Last night was such a great time.  My friend Courtney went all out and had us all arrive at a secret location for a special activity.  Since I am sneaky I figured out beforehand we were going ice skating.  For those of you that don't know, ice skating used to consume my entire life.  I skated before school, after school and in high school even instead of gym.  I had a pretty bad injury when I was 13, but it really didn't affect me.  When I got to high school I was juggling too many activities and I decided I needed to pick poms or skating.  I went with poms and really never looked back.

I don't think I have been on the ice in probably 10 years.  Naturally, I brought my own skates to the activity.  I don't know if I had taken the wrong pair from home or what, but when I put them on and noticed they were from 1998 (there was artwork on the bottom that was dated 11/98) I really felt old.  However, when I got the skates on and stepped out on the ice it really felt like I had never gotten off.

You have to remember this is like the most beat up ice ever and there are hundreds of people trying to skate all around me, but I did make my way to the center a few times.

Anyways, it was such a fun night and I really enjoyed sharing with the girls!

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