Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Real Weddings: Lisa and Adam's Rehearsal Dinner

This weekend could not have been a better time.. like there is no possible way.  The wedding and all of it's events were so full of love and happiness you couldn't help yourself from just constantly smiling.  Lisa was one of those brides that really acted like herself throughout the entire process.  When she wasn't getting ready she was in the corner doing Zumba with the girls, I mean talk about a happy bride. I am going to split this recap up into two days since I have so much to share with you!

OK.. so how freaking amazing does she look?  I can't stop telling her / showing everyone who will look.  I am obsessed.  Also, how pretty do my roomies look?

Yeah. My bow bouquet looks good.  I showed you all how to make it here if you remember.

Oh just some of my favorite people.

My favorite part of the night.. our speech.  I will share more details on it later this week, but look how happy our bride was.  Yeah we rocked it. (Thanks Sobel for capturing it for me!)

Be back tomorrow with more wedding fun!


  1. where is the rest of the recap?!

  2. Lovely and colorful bow bouquet! I will attempt to make one. Thanks for providing the tutorial.