Monday, January 7, 2013

Real Weddings: Lisa and Adam's Wedding

I am sorry for taking forever to get this out, but I was really busy at work around the holidays, and then I went on vacation.  I figured I would just take the rest of the week off so I can get back to blogging relaxed and ready to go.  So today I am back with the recap of Adam and Lisa's wedding.  As you can tell from the pictures, it was really an exquisite event.  The food, the decor, the music, pretty much every single detail was as classy as it could get.  All of that really didn't matter though, because the love in the room made the entire evening.

Lisa and Adam have been dating since their freshman year of high school, so this was an evening that both families had been waiting for over a DECADE.  All of their friends and extended family couldn't have been more honored to be a part of the weekend and the bride and groom were glowing with love and happiness.

Look at our adorable robes Lisa got us!

Getting all glamorous!

Doing a little pre-wedding Zumba.. I think I had to tell the bride to stop so she didn't ruin her hair!!

Just enjoying ourselves during pictures.  The lower one makes me so happy.. I really love her so much.

And it begins.. talk about a winter wonderland!

Some cocktail hour favorites!!

The classic Fancy picture!!

Lisa getting serenaded  

First dance and the Horrah!

Enjoying our time on the dance floor!

Good friends make weddings even that much better

One of my favorite parts about this wedding was I really felt like I got to spend some quality time with the bride.

We love you so much Mr. & Mrs. Silver and we can't wait to celebrate many more milestones to come!


  1. Love the bridesmaid dresses! Are they ML? Would love to get something similar for my upcoming wedding. Thanks!