Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hahn SLH Estate

As I recapped here, this past Friday I went to a cocktail party and wine tasting event at the most picturesque location ever, The Hahn SLH Estate.  Friday was a long day with field tours and constant conversation.  We had this wine tasting event slated for the end of our afternoon and I was honestly not that excited.  I was just exhausted and knew we had a big dinner to attend that night where I had to be on my game, so I just couldn't imagine sitting in a room listening to someone tell me about wine and the different flavor profiles.  As we made the drive there I took a little nap, when I woke up it was to some coworkers screaming our bus is smoking!  We got out of the bus to see a huge cloud of black smoke.  Determined to make it to the event we started the two mile climb uphill.  Luckily a car approached me and asked if I wanted a ride, I quickly tucked away the thoughts of you should never hitch hike replaying in my mind, and got into the vehicle.  Luckily it was a nice couple on their way to the estate as well!

Once I arrived I alerted the employees that we had a busload of people walking up and they quickly sent some vans to help them out.  So there I was me by myself staring at one of the most beautiful views ever.

(Photo taken from the Hahn SLH website)

I just couldn't believe THIS is what they meant when the itinerary said "wine tasting."  I was just baffled.  There was a private chef making delicious appetizers and handing out some of the best wine I have ever tasted.

My favorite appetizer was short rib ontop a cauliflower puree with a truffle demi glaze... YUM!

So naturally, I was there at the estate for about five minutes before I decided this would be probably the most breathtaking location for a wedding.  Inside the estate we were situated at the Hahn Winery Vineyard House which according to the website description is "a rustic ranch style house that suggests an earlier, quieter time and evokes country living and romance."  It is located above the valley floor at 1,100 foot elevation which overlooks the vineyards and the Salinas Valley.  I immediately asked the hostess how often they have weddings and was surprised to find they no longer allow weddings at their venue.  However, they will allow engagement and anniversary parties.  So the next time you want to plan your low key event in California check out Hahn SLH Estate.

Here are some more pictures some are repeats from yesterday:

(Photo taken from the Hahn SLH website)

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