Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Friendship Circle

If you know my sister, Melissa, you know she is a social butterfly.  So among the many reasons I follow in her footsteps, being a professional bridesmaid is definitely one of them.  When I asked her if she wanted to guest post on my blog on being the "original" professional bridesmaid, she was flattered but decided she wanted to use the platform for a cause a little closer to her heart.  So ladies (and the few gentlemen reading this) without further ado here is my better half, best friend, and maid of honor, Melissa!


What better way to start my morning than reading my sister’s blog? I am sure many of you feel this
way.  It is clever, funny, and makes you smile.  I have wanted to write an entry for a while, but I could not decide what topic to pick.  Like my sister, I have had my fair share of experience as a bridesmaid and a bride, and therefore promise to write something on one of those topics in the very near future.  But today, I want to write about something else… you know that exciting feeling you get when you are going to a big wedding, shower or bachelorette party? Those tingly butterflies you feel in your toes, stomach and fingers. No I am not describing what it feels like during your first kiss or first whatever else…. I am describing that feeling of excitement and adrenaline all mixed in one when you are thrilled about something joyous in your life. That feeling is what we work to achieve each and every day.  For me that feeling occurred on the day of my wedding, the day my son was born and the day I passed the bar, but it also happens on a lower scale each and every day I volunteer at the Friendship Circle.

The Friendship Circle is a nationwide organization that serves children with special needs and their
families by providing social and recreational programs that promote inclusion and friendship. Their
method is to pair together, one on one, a child with special needs and a teenage volunteer. Together,
they participate in one or many of the programs at least once a week.

I was blessed to stumble upon this amazing organization right after moving to metro Detroit. After
making a couple phone calls, receiving a tour and speaking with the director- I was hooked. Now, I
spend almost every Sunday at the Friendship Circle teaching art and dance to kids with special needs, and volunteering at other events.

Two weeks ago I brought my son, Spencer, with me to an event at a food bank!

These kids have my heart and that is why I am starting a fundraising campaign for their annual
Walk4Friendship event. It’s my turn to “give back” to an organization that has given me so much joy
each week. Join me in giving back today by donating here.  For me the Friendship Circle is the organization that I am passionate about. I hope that you get involved in an organization that gives you the same type of happiness.

To learn more about Friendship Circle, please visit


Mel, thank you so much for sharing your passion for Friendship Circle.  I hope everyone feels inspired and donates whatever they can to this cause or another they keep close to their hearts!


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