Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Miami Recap

The past weekend I spent some quality time in Miami with my Dad and David.  I also got to catch up with one of my best friends, La (yes that is her name, she asked us to start calling her that during bid day in college).  La travels all over the world doing some important job I still don't understand, so when I get to spend some time with her in the US I feel beyond lucky.  I was sad to leave but then again this week is pretty incredible with a day off in the middle (I could so get used to that).

Wednesday I took this fantastic picture with my fancy.. it is now the background on my phone.

Our meal on Friday at Il Gabbiano began with this block of Parmesan and out of this world aged balsamic reduction

After a delicious meal, La and I decide to put on the most tacky Miami shirts ever. Why do I own these you may ask?  Well I like to lounge in giant comfy t-shirts, but I can't bare to leave my favorites in Miami so I normally pick up some obnoxious ones whenever I am in need of a new shirt to keep at the Miami pad.  You really need to see my favorite Miami sweatshirt.

After a long day in the sun on Saturday, this is how I relaxed before dinner.  This is my happy place as you can tell.

Started our meal off on Saturday at Azul with this platter.  My dad doesn't like oysters so there were plenty for me:)
 As you can see the weekend was filled with out of control food and some fun relaxation.  Tonight I am heading to a BBQ and a house warming party.  One of my besties just got a puppy so be prepared for pictures of the most adorable creature in the entire world (oh yeah and they named it Wynn Bikini which is probably the best name ever after Pizza).