Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses

So I haven't put much thought into what my girls are going to wear.  I know it will be most likely be a long dress, but I don't know color/style etc.  My cardinal rule is let them pick their own shoes and jewelry, but I want to do something different!

I have been playing around on The Dessy Group Website and you view each dress in anywhere from 10 to over 100 colors.  It is such an easy way to run through all my ideas.  Between the 7 brands of dresses they offer I think it is going to be impossible to narrow it down. 

This is one of my favorites

I am really excited to pick them out.  What other brands do you recommend?


  1. This part is so fun! I went with Amsale because I love all the diverse styles and colors.

  2. Love picking these out! Amsale is fabulous. I ended up buying all my bridesmaid dresses at Lord and Taylor. I had there sizes and just found the perfect dress and got them all. They weren't "Bridesmaid" brands, but it worked out perfectly. I really like the Lela Rose dresses on Dessy.

  3. We ended up going Bill Levkoff but I am in LOVE with some the Bari Jay Bridesmaid dresses. They have some amazing options.

  4. I second Amsale and Lela Rose for Dessy. Also a fan of Jenny Yoo and Jasmine. I would also keep my eye out for "non-bridesmaid dresses" that might work for you. Congrats on your engagement!

  5. I've been in 7 weddings so far with #8 in 2 weeks & #9 next March. Throughout all of them, I've had a few different designers and I have to say that Bill Levkoff has always been my favorite. They're not too "bridesmaids-y" but were REALLY comfortable throughout the wedding (and after party).