Monday, June 18, 2012

NYC & Weekend Recap

I am SO sorry I didn't post after my trip to New York.  I got home Thursday night and met directly up with my best friend Judi that was in town for a wedding!  She was going to be busy all weekend so I had to take advantage of every second.  Then on Friday I was slammed at work, so I apologize for leaving everyone in suspense.

Basically, the trip was AMAZING.  I had the best time with my parents.  You see I travel all the time with my Dad since I work for the family company, but this was truly a personal trip and it was nice to enjoy that time together with my mom and not talk about potatoes and onions (did you all know that is what I do I sell potatoes and onions and all produce in general).  Anyways, I can explain that another day I am sure nobody really cares about that.  We checked into our hotel that was right near central park and grabbed lunch at Harry Cipriani.  Aside from the prices being a little over the top for a lunch (the burger was $30) it was the perfect location and restaurant to kickoff my wedding dress vacay.  Naturally since I was trying on wedding gowns in two hours I got homemade spaghetti.  It was seriously the best bowl of spaghetti ever.  If you know my obsession for noodles then you know this is a bold statement, yes I went there. 

Mom and I at lunch

We then walked down Madison Ave and did some major window shopping.  The thing is Chicago has some great shopping, but there is nothing like New York.  Every brand has their own store it is the most incredible and tempting place ever.  After my Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (and my dad worked on his phone) we came to 991 Madison Ave AKA Vera Wang. 

It was just the most magical experience.  From the moment we stepped foot inside I felt so special.  I was blown away by how well we were treated and my champagne curiosity was immediately put to rest!

I tried on about fifteen dresses and I think I found the one!  We haven't bought anything yet, but you will know when I do!

Afterwards we went back to the hotel and relaxed while watching "Joyful Noise," it was the perfect finish to the afternoon!

For dinner we went to Filidia where I had the most mouth watering pear ravioli.  It tasted like I was at La Giostra in Florence.  It was so delicious I am dying to bring David back the next time we are in New York.

Thursday morning we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel.  All in all it was such a great time with my parents and for the first time I truly felt like I was the bride. 

Then, when I got home it was practically the weekend which was such a nice added bonus.  I spent plenty of time with Judi Thursday night.

We went to the Office, which is the bottom floor of the Aviary.  We had some pretty intense cocktails...

Friday night I had a relaxing date night with David.  Saturday we went to the Album release party for Band Called Catch at the Metro.  If you haven't heard them before I highly suggest you buy their new album!

Sunday we had some quality family time in the City and then headed out to the burbs to be with my Dad!

As I say all the time family time is great, but I really wish my sister, Jeff and Spencer could always be a part of it.  Luckily I am planning a trip to visit them soon!

Hope I covered everything and I will be back with ALL THINGS BRIDESMAIDS this week!


  1. Please post a top spaghetti rankings list soon (and don't forget about excellent value picks like Noodles & Co!)

    1. Oh I am so up for the challange.. don't worry I'll get all price ranges