Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Something Borrowed

Good Morning, I am back with the "Something Series," and today let's focus on "something borrowed."  "Something borrowed" represents borrowed happiness.  It is usually an item given to the bride from a happily married friend or relative.  It is given with the hope that the good fortune in that marriage will carry over to the new bride.  It also symbolizes that the bride and groom can turn depend on their friends and family in time of need.  It is important that the bride makes sure to give this item back to the friend or family member that lent it to her.

My first example of "something borrowed" is what I will be using on my wedding day.  A while ago my Mom gave my sister (or she permanently borrowed) this beautiful flowered diamond cuff.  Melissa wore it on her wedding day and then our best family friend, Ali (one of my bridesmaids) wore the same cuff on her wedding.  Before my wedding my sister is lending it to two more of her best friends and I plan on letting one of my best friends wear it as well (Melissa do you mind?).  It is just the prettiest bracelet not too overwhelming, but so incredibly beautiful.  The fact that so many of my sister and my friends will wear this bracelet as their "something borrowed" makes this bracelet even more beautiful.  My parents have such a strong marriage as well as my sister, and I hope that everyone that wears this bracelet truly lives happily ever after.

Another "something borrowed" I hold really close to my heart is wearing the veil that one of your friends or family members wore to their wedding.  This could also be a good idea for "something old," but I saved it for today, because I was always hoping this would be another "something borrowed" I would wear at my wedding.  My sisters veil was the most gorgeous veil I have ever seen.  I can't find any photos that did it justice.  I was always planning on wearing her veil, but it really doesn't go with my dress. 

Some other "something borrowed" ideas:
  • Pins/ broach from a friend's dress: You can put them on your own dress or on your bouquet
  • Tiara/hair pin: If you loved what your friend wore in her hair borrow it!
  • Purse: How about borrowing someones Judith Leiber bag.. Yes Please!
  • Hair extensions: Hey.. you gotta look good and those things are expensive, may as well share the wealth.
  • Flip flops: Obviously everyone wants their own pair of beautiful wedding shoes, but what about borrowing a friends white sparkly flip flops she wore at her wedding once your feet start to scream at you.
Some Jewish "something borrowed" ideas: (I try to not bring in religion often but this is just what I know and I want to share)
  • Talis: During the Jewish ceremony the Rabbi wraps a Talis around the bride and groom, you can borrow one from a family member
  • Kiddish Cup: Also during the ceremony everyone under the chuppa drinks wine out of a Kiddish cup, this can be borrowed from a family member

What else did you borrow?  What about other religious customs?  Please share!



  1. I have a client right now that is borrowing her sister's veil, not just one sister but 3 sister's before her have worn it. Very very special

  2. That is so special. I love that.