Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walk Down Wedding Lane: Matt and Carli

Today I wanted to look back at the beautiful wedding I attended over labor day weekend.  Matt and Carli were married at the Four Seasons Chicago and the party went ALL NIGHT LONG.  The energy was so high and everyone was just so excited for the bride and groom.  The best example I can give was how that the floor was literally bouncing during "Call Me Maybe" so as the last song they had to play it again! 
The room was so beautiful but the love that Carli and Matt have for each other made the night that much better.  I found a few professional pictures online so please note they were taken by Phil Farber / Photo Images, Inc.

Carli works for Bright Pink and holds the organization close to her heart.  The newly weds made a donation to the organization in leau of wedding favors. 

Carli showing off some Bright Pink love
On the right is Lindsay Avner, Founder of Bright Pink and the matchmaker for Carli and Matt. 
Beautiful Bridesmaids

Some Longhorn Love




  1. Love the color of the bridesmaid dresses & the centerpieces!!

  2. Do you know where the bridesmaids dresses are from? I love them!

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