Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding List Stress

I think I am going to need one of these and fast.  We are finally sitting down and writing out our wedding list.  Literally every time I look at it I get a weird sickening feeling in my stomach.  It overwhelms me.  I can't seem to keep it organized.  I have so many questions I am starting to panic...

How do I organize it? Anyone have an excel sheet they can forward on to me?

How do I decide who gets a date and who doesn't? 

Where do I draw the line?


I am really looking forward to this weekend because David's family is coming to town.  Both of our families are going out to dinner tonight so I hope we can get some of this panic settled. 

One exciting thing to look forward to this weekend is tomorrow night at midnight I can call American Airlines and book our honeymoon tickets.  It will be 331 days out from when we want to leave.

See you in 332 days. Yes please.

Have a great weekend hopefully you are less stressed than I am!

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