Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{Guest Post} A Very British Camping Party

Good Morning everyone!  I don't know about everyone else, but I am fascinating in hearing what other girls do at bachelorette parties in other countries.  A few weeks ago, Laura from Polestar explained to us why they call it a Hen Party, today she is going to introduce us to Glamping!  I had never heard of it until they went on "Pretty Little Liars," but I am interested to hear how it is down in England! 

I love reading Traci’s blog because it reminds me that even though we are on the other side of Atlantic us Brits are not so different from you Americans, especially when it comes to weddings and partying.  A British hen party generally plans out the same as a Bachelorette party over in the States; there is usually a day time activity of indulgent relaxation in a spa or beauty salon, followed by a raucous night fuelled with alcohol!
Where it is so easy for Americans to jet from State to State on their hen weekend, it is the same as us popping over to Paris, Amsterdam or anywhere in Europe for that matter for a weekend full of fun. I am currently planning my best friend’s hen weekend in Barcelona, which I cannot wait for! I am slightly sad though that we cannot go to Vegas though; I think I might turn into a bridzilla and force my friends to save so we can go for my hen weekend!
Via I loved Barcelona the last time I visited and CANNOT wait to get back there later this year!
If that fails, and the monster inside me doesn’t escape, I would happily stay in England for my hen weekend. I have been considering a ‘glamping’ weekend for my own hen party. Glamorous camping has been becoming increasingly popular in Britain over the past few years, mainly because of the celebrity appearances at British festival sites.  It is also being marketed as a very kitsch product, with a vintage feel that British brides-to-be are really going for in all aspects of their wedding plans.
Maybe it is because I am a bit of a festival babe and I actually cannot think of anything better than wearing my Hunter wellies, mud up to my knee length socks, singing my heart out in the rain, but I really want a glamping weekend away in the English countryside!
I have more fun at festivals than anywhere else!
So far, all of my camping experiences have involved wet clothes and a cocktail of cheap cider, rum and blackcurrant juice, which is probably why I am so intrigued by glamping. On a glamorous camping trip I can demand luxury! Tipis instead of pop-up tents, quilts instead of rain sodden sleeping bags and even real cocktails made with fresh ingredients. I would also like to have my obligatory pamper day combined in with my camping trip. Luckily for me two of my best friends are beauticians who will be more than happy to give manicures, pedicures and facials in our tipis.
I also want to indulge in the nature with a foraging trip, probably before I have my campsite manicure! Most camp guides will be happy to organize trips around the campsites to show campers which wild ingredients can be used in food preparation and drinks. These camp guides are also expert wild food chefs too, so my group of hens will get a gourmet meal too!
I want to dress up as Pocahontas when I stay in the tipis!
Like most hen parties, the evening will definitely end in a boozy haze! My weapon of choice is rum, so I will be making everyone mojitos. Hopefully the camp guides will give me some advice on how to make my already very alcoholic cocktails even wilder! Knowing my group of friends there will be lots of tequila and champagne too. It will be nice to sit around the campfire playing games and sharing stories all night with the girls I love the most rather than trotting off to a club full of strangers. I think that is the real beauty of glamping trips, they are very personal and only involve the people that you really want there!
To stop the hangover that is obviously going to occur, experts glampers have come up with the perfect trick, that being the portable sauna! What better way to end a night and to sweat out the toxins than in a sauna? It really adds to the luxury of the glamping experience. That way, you can nestle down into the tipi feeling fresh.
After a good night sleep I would love to be woken up with a vintage tea and breakfast. I want real china cups and proper loose tea made in a quaint tea pot, which will really help evaporate any hangover that could be floating about! Being in the British countryside it would be rude to have one of the camp guides make us a full English breakfast – bacon, sausages, eggs, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms with lots of buttery toast! Having everything cooked over a campfire will just make it all taste so much better!
I think I am looking forward to a teddy bears picnic more than anything else!
Well I suppose I should stop getting to ahead of myself, I need to finishing planning my best friends hen party before I jump ahead and starting planning mine completely!
Alright, well if that is what camping is, well I think I am in!  I just love all the british words she includes, especiall wellies!  I am thinking tipis are the same things as tepees? 
Laura thanks so much again for sharing:) 


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  2. Wow, this seems like an amazing experience.