Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is Lululemon Becoming my Enemy?

Ever since I started working out at Barre Bee Fit my obsession for Lululemon  clothes has reached an all time high.  I am lucky because I can wear workout clothes to work, however, now I find I am spending half of my paycheck a week buying new pants, shirts and of course sweatshirts.  I used to say I could justify buying workout clothes if I was in the zone and really applying myself, but now that I workout everyday I think I need to STOP this shopping habit!

So I have been great the past two weeks and haven't checked the website or walked into the store.  I was doing such a great job even after my mom came to barre with me on Sunday and was sporting the cutest jacket ever.  Of course this morning when I opened my email the subject from a Lululemon email read: BARRE STAR.  My mouth pretty much dropped.  I am used to yoga and pilates emails, but now they are marketing clothes that should be worn specifically by those taking a Barre class.


I think I am going to exercise self control, but I really don't want to :(  I may not even click the link.  (I probably will lets be honest)

On another note I just want to send my love to all of you that are affected by Sandy.  I am hoping everyone is doing okay this morning and weren't affected too badly.