Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I really can't believe it is Halloween again.  It is kind of freaking me out because this means I am getting married in less than 10 months eeeek!!  At age 26 Halloween is such a different holiday than it used to be.  When you were a kid it was all about the coolest costume and candy.  My favorite costume I ever had as a child was a shark.  I had a HUGE shark costume with blood running down my face.  My mom told my dad to take me to the store and get me something pretty and girly.  When I came home with a shark costume I think her mouth hit the floor.  I really wish I had a pic of this because it was pretty amazing.  As we grew up and went to college Halloween became the time where we can dress as absolutely slutty sexy as possible.  In Texas it was still warm so wearing barely any clothes was doable, but when I moved home to Chicago I dressed sexy for one year and I quickly learned my lesson.  So now the past few years I have just tried to be creative. 

With SO many weddings coming up I really didn't feel like dropping any money on a costume, so I tried to think about what I could possibly be.  On my walk home from work on Thursday it hit me, A HOT POTATO!  I simply called one of my potato shippers in Idaho and had him overnight me burlap bags.  If you have forgotten I sell potatoes and other produce for a living.  He was laughing at me and asking how I would possible make a costume of of these bags, but I was not worried at all.  He suggested I look to Marilyn Monroe for some inspiration.

Marilyn via

Aside from smelling like a potato all night I think this is one of my favorite costumes I have ever made!  I sewed it all myself and it was pretty easy, I am a big fan of my creative purse:) 

Here are some more pictures of my friends and I celebrating:

Me and Elvis

Loving how Nicole is a "Punkin"

My 2 Chainz bestie

 The second party I went to on Saturday was over the top amazing check out the walls in all of these pictures they had all the furniture removed and the walls were covered in black and graffiti.

Don't know this girl but I just wanted to pay respect to this costume.. you are looking at SPAGHETTI and meatballs. LOVE.

I hope everyone had fun celebrating over the weekend and are doing something spoooky tonight.

I may not being spooky but I plan to be wacky at Wacky Wednesday with my ladies.