Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Walk Down Wedding Lane: Becca and Matt's Wedding

I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures of the rehearsal dinner yesterday!  As promised I am back today with the wedding recap!!  It was such a beautifully executed wedding and seriously not a single detail was missed.  I think the room key with their picture on it may have been my favorite touch!!  Hope you enjoy the pictures and mazel tov again to Becca and Matt!!

How great is this room key.. I mean come on!

Go ahead and breath.. I know it is just so stunning

Game time!

Only 4 more weddings left as a fancy:)
Does Becca not look like a super model? SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Gordon and Andy are my two best guy friends from UT, they happened to be from St. Louis and the reason I met David!  (note to self and 413: when playing Catchphrase and someone hints where Andy and Gordy are from the answer is "St. Louis" not "316L")
Still not over the dangling chandeliers, they are a whole other level of beautiful.

Hope everyone has a great day :) Congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Weiner!!


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