Friday, November 30, 2012


I am about to pack up at work to head to the airport for the fourth and final weekend in a row.  It has been a crazy November, and I am looking forward to being in Chicago this coming December (at least for a few weekends).  Today I am off to Miami by myself.  I have never taken a trip anywhere alone and this should be super interesting.

You may wonder why I am heading to Miami alone, let's just say it is a weekend of self-improvement.  JK, that may be true but really its a weekend of blog improvement.  I am heading down there to take a course from BlogShop.

I have tried to teach myself Photoshop, but when I came across this course designed for bloggers I really couldn't pass it up.  I was telling a friend this morning this is the first time I am personally paying for a class just because I want to learn, not because I need too.

So I am really looking forward to enhancing this blog for all of you, and giving myself some much needed down time.  I didn't even pack clothes to go out in even if I happen to make a few friends in the class.

(Don't worry I am staying at my parents condo in Miami where I have like 3 dresses and a pair of heels in case I change my mind, oh and I also threw in a clutch just in case)

But really, I plan to take the class and just sit on the balcony and relax.

I promise to not only bring back pictures, but if I really learn as much as they say I will, I plan to have a pimped out post for Monday (as well as too many selfies).