Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Powerball... What Would you Do?

All this buzz about the Powerball today really has me thinking... what would I really do if I won.  So here is my pledge to myself if I were to win tonight, or ever win the lottery.

  • Pay my parents back for EVERYTHING they have ever done for me with like 900% interest (I am assuming David would want to do the same)
  • Start a huge trust fund for my nephew Spencer
  • Take my Mom and sister on a shopping spree.. we are talking Bal Harbour Mom and Melissa 
  • Buy everyone of my bridesmaids the bag of their dreams.. Birkins are permitted.
  • Buy one of those mansions right on my street that is about the same size as my 20 floor apartment building
  • Purchase a Range Rover for David and a Bentley for me 
  • Donate to the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue 
  • Donate to the Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
So there you have it that is what I SAY I would do if I won the jackpot.  I am sure I would want to do so much more, but all you ever hear is how fast everyone spends it.  I bet my blog would change a little, but I would hope my life and the people in it would stay the same.  

What would you do?  

How amazing would my post be tomorrow if I got to say okay, so I won!!

lol a girl could dream.