Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Being the Bride... Not the Bridesmaid

As I shared yesterday, David and I had our first shower two weekends ago.  It was so wonderful to have so many people we loved in one room, but honestly, I was extremely overwhelmed.  I am so used to being the bridesmaid and it was really strange to take the brides role.  This has nothing to do with my own bridesmaids, because I am certain they will kill it, it is just a personal thing.

Mind you this party was extra special because there was tons of alcohol involved, but when we were opening gifts it was just such a crazy feeling.  I am used to being the professional bridesmaid and taking control, but as the bride I wasn't quite sure what I should be doing.  Things got unorganized (and a little hazy) and we ended up bringing the gifts home to open.

I know when my lady showers come it will be a little different, but even then I think I am going to just be overwhelmed.  I LOVE being the best bridesmaid, but I am just not exactly in the groove yet as the bride.  I have plenty coming up so I am hoping I will get the hang of it.

Does anyone have any tips on how to be a calm bride they would like to share?

First and last gift we opened that night.