Friday, March 29, 2013

St. PaTraci Day 2013

As promised (although a little late) I want to share with you my amazing birthday party David threw for me.  When I was in college my birthday always ended up on the last day of spring break which meant we were usually exhausted and traveling back to Austin.  When I was abroad my birthday was the ONE day we had to study because the next day was midterms.  So when I moved back to Chicago I have really enjoyed celebrating my birthday with my friends and family.  David and I love throwing huge parties, and for my 27th he did not disappoint.  In Chicago, the saturday before St. Patty's day is probably the best day of the cold months.  Everyone gets decked out in green and makes an entire day of it.  Rather than trying to throw a party that Saturday night and risk nobody including myself being able to make it.  A few years ago David came up with the idea to make it St. PaTraci day.

Why not kill two birds with one stone ya know?  So this was the second time we did it and David went ALL out.  I'm talking a green bloody mary bar, over the top decorations an tons of giveaways.  Since our shower was the night before we still had some great visitors in town so it really was a party to remember.


My best friend Judi was in town so it made the entire day amazing.  She is my partner in crime so I was just so happy to have her with me.  She also had these adorable little posters made that had all these different pictures of me as a Leprochan.  She is amazing.

My Sis was still in town and she came to the party.  I can't remember the last time we had so much fun drinking together.  Best MOH ever.

David out did it.

So many of my favorites celebrating with me.

Things got a little crazy and we had to take a petty cab to the next bar to meet up with David.


  1. you have the same fireplace as me...weird! cute pics :)

    i think you're in my burn tomorrow- see ya in the am!

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