Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Registering for a Honeymoon


Now that we have registered at a few stores I am being asked by some people if we plan to register for our honeymoon.  I had never really thought of this or known people to do this, but when I looked online I was shocked to find out people do this all the time.  I just cannot decide if this is something I would want to do.  On one hand it would be so great to have some of it paid for since David and I are paying for the honeymoon ourselves, but on the other hand I find it weird to ask people to pay for my vacation.  I think a great gift for a friend is getting together with a group of people and buying the couple an amazing excursion, dinner or spa treatment that they didn't ask for, but is it weird for me to personally ask for it?

Another problem is there are several websites, I would have no idea which is the best one.  I don't want someone to buy a honeymoon gift and then the money actually just end up in my PayPal account, that defeats the purpose.  I really would only register for things we would actually plan on paying for ourselves.  For example, we plan to get a couples massage whether it is a gift or not, but I do not need to register for random excursions we wouldn't want to buy ourselves.  I think it would be great to minimize our costs, not spend what we plan to spend and then get even crazier gifts on top of it.

So now I ask all you out there your opinion.  Would you register for your honeymoon?  Do you think its a smart idea or a tacky one?  Do you have any advice if you did it or a website you used and liked?

I would love some help!!

P.S. here are some pictures I use to dream about our honeymoon in order to get through these winter storms.


  1. Hi Traci,
    I was hoping you would discuss a subject that possibly you are familiar with. The bride and groom are both from completely different cities or maybe states. What do you think is the custom for bridal showers? Do both mothers hold one in their respective cities? Should it just be ONE bridal shower? What do you think?

  2. Agreed, tacky!

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