Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our First Shower: Stock the Bar

Life has been pretty crazy since I last posted.  There have been some good days and some very hard days and I am sending love to one special person who I am thinking of every second.  Last Tuesday was my birthday and I celebrated with my family by seeing "Book of Mormon."  I thought it was hysterical.

Last night David and I hosted our first Passover Seder for our friends and it honestly could not have been more fun.  I can't wait to do it again next year with all the stuff we registered for!

I know this is a little late, but as promised I wanted to share with you all the details about our first shower.  When my Mom was a hostesses for a stock the bar couples shower for our best family friends, Ali and Jeff, both families promised David and I they would throw us the same thing when we got engaged.  Boy, did they stand true to this promise.  So last Friday, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, Ali and Jeff and my Aunt Geri and Uncle Stu threw us the stock the bar couples shower of our dreams!!

Aunt Geri, Melissa, Me, Ali, Mom

This could not have been a better theme for a couple like David and I.  We are extremely hard workers, but when it is time to let loose, David and I are what some may call pros.  Every gift we received came with a recipe for a tasty cocktail as well as different items to help us fill our bar.  Some people gave us the actual ingredients to make the cocktails and others gave us different bar accessories.  Some even gave us both.  We were BLOWN away with how amazing it all was.

Ali went above and beyond with the decorations.  There were these giant posters, as well as custom wine bottles and personalized shot glasses for giveaways.
I mean come on look at that cake!
Celebrating with my family 

Melissa and Ali came up with a game where they asked us many questions about us as a couple and if we got it wrong we had to take a shot.  Oh I forgot to mention all the questions were related to drinking, and how well we know each other when we are drunk.  Let's just say both of our Mom's were FREAKING out!

It is just so much fun having everyone you love in one room.
The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen (plus Dads)

This shower was honestly just so much fun.  David and I each had one of our best friends surprise us and come in and that made it all the better.  I just want to thank everyone again that was a part of it for really kicking off the countdown to our wedding.  We cannot wait to just keep celebrating our love for each other!


  1. What a thoughtful shower!! I love your dress and you are looking amazing! I also found it hard and crazy to be the center of attention during all of my wedding festivites. I was used to being in the background as a bridesmaid taking care of things. I got used to it pretty quick though! :)

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