Thursday, April 5, 2012


I am back!!  I have been back from Aruba for about a week, but with the early days of wedding planning and being swamped at work, I seriously have slacked on my blog.  However, I am finally back and cannot wait to share some highlights from my trip!

This trip could not have come at a better time.  After David and I just got engaged we set off with two of our best friends, Stephanie and Eric, to bask in the Aruba sun.  We had the best time ever.  We woke up early to get the best chairs on the beach and just laid out, read (each of us read all three hunger games) and enjoyed each others company.  Oh yeah we ate a lot too!

So excited on the plane to Aruba
First cocktails of the trip

First morning on the beach looking pretty pale (Cover up: Jen's Pirate Booty)
First lunch at the Palm's Restaurant. we ate at the same place everyday they knew us by the end.

First night dinner at Cafe Piccolo in the Hyatt (Jumpsuit of mine is Ted Baker get similar via)

Great second night

View of the Hyatt Property from our room
The third night we went to Blossoms at the Westin.  It was Hibachi style and we had our fair share of sake bombs!
 We each got our turn on the grill!

David loves taking random pictures of me on the beach
Steph forgot her jewelry so I set up shop.  Luckily my Mom owns the jewelry boutique Sapphire Sky, I came fully prepared!

Third night at a local restaurant Papiamiento it was delicious! (My Dress: Parker Shoes: Valentino)

Shopping in town.. I picked up a new belt which I wore the same night see below.
Night four dinner at the Hyatt's Ruinas del Mar.
Me and my Fiance:)
Afternoon drinks at the pier bar.

Pretty view at sunset

Drinks in the room on our last night.. so fun to go on vacation with my best friend (and future bridesmaid)!

Last dinner at the Hyatt's Cafe Japengo. 

Such an amazing vacation I already miss sunny (and windy) Aruba:(

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