Monday, April 9, 2012

Engagement Gifts

When we got engaged honestly one thing that slipped my mind was engagement presents.  Most of my friends in the past have gotten engaged and would call me to come celebrate and I would just grab the bottle of champagne I got from our champagne of the month club put a bow around it and head over to celebrate (if you happened to receive this gift I promise they are nice bottles).  I never knew people gave such elaborate engagement gifts.  Of course we received champagne as well and I still think that is a great option and one that will never get old with David and I. However, it is just so incredible how generous everyone has been and have really helped us kick off our engagement.  I figured I should share these with you so the next time a best friend gets engaged you have some options to choose from.

Vera Wang on Weddings Coffee Table Book- Michael Aram Picture Frame- Nambe Wine Rack-
Michael Aram Candy Dish- Michael Aram Cheese Board - William Yeoward CarafeCustom Bridal HangerPersonalized Wedding Print

These are not even all the gifts we have gotten.  One friend got us personalized wine glasses, we have received flowers and personalized picture frames.  My sister and Jeff got me three dance lessons to learn and choreograph our first dance.  Although, David doesn't think he needs any lessons.  As a dancer my whole life I cannot wait to attend these lessons with him. 

The fun part about engagement presents is we haven't registered yet so everything is a surprise!  The gifts are obviously an added bonus, because all I really care about is celebrating with David and the ones we love most.

Did you get any great engagement gifts or give any that others should know about?


  1. I am looking for a fun engagement present for a party in June.. since I have some time I wanted to get some glasses made on Etsy or a print. Amazing what you can find on there!
    (The dance class will be so fun!)

  2. I wish to receive all these present...I will keep it in mind.