Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Traci & Co.

Since my engagement I have been working very hard on planning the perfect way to ask my bridesmaids.  I may not know a lot about being a bride, but being a bridesmaid, you all know I consider myself a professional.  I wanted to do something for the girls that would be fun and over the top to kick off my road to the wedding.  The first thing I did was approach my dear friend and future bridesmaid, Beth.  She throws the most ridiculous parties where the food seems like it's catered, the desserts look and taste like they are from a bakery, and the decorations look professionally done.  However, Beth does everything herself.  Beth was so excited about my idea and we quickly decided we were going to throw a brunch for the girls.

I contacted all my favorite brunch places in Chicago and decided on Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for the location.  We spent hours on Etsy finding inspiration and invitations.  When she came across an adorable invitation that looked like a Tiffany's bag we instantly decided to have a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed party.  So as I busily prepared and packed for my trip to Aruba, I had the invitations made and sent out.

Okay as cheesy as they were I know everyone could sense the love through the invitations.  Every morning in Aruba I would wake up and run to the computer to check my email to see if any girls got the invitations.  Finally the responses started pouring in and everyone was in love with the invitations.  I could not have been more excited and pleased with the responses.

So last week if you could tell by my lack of posts, I was extremely busy.  Beth had me working everyday and as tired as I was I knew this party was going to be unlike anything I had ever thrown before.  We baked up a storm and spent many hours at different craft stores.  Finally, Sunday rolled around and the time had come.. I just couldn't contain my excitement!

The table

Place settings that we found on Etsy

Swag bags I had made on Etsy

I hung my favorite picture of me with each girl

David came and showed off his new photography skills

Gift table

Flower close up

I had custom M&Ms made
Better view..
Sweet table.. everything is home made!!!

I helped decorate those cookies!

I made this popcorn it had pretzels, M&Ms, white chocolate and sprinkles

Beth made this cake from scratch and decorated it.. it took three batches of homemade butter cream to complete.
Homemade french macaroons...I added the butter cream!

My best friend Judi who lives in NYC sent me champagne and desserts because she couldn't make it.  Since the party had an open bar I saved the bottle for later. I wished she could have come in but how sweet is she to send the next best thing? Love you Judi can't wait to celebrate together soon.
Of course my mom came for the celebration.. wished my sister and Matron of Honor could have been there she was missed!

My besties from childhood and still going strong: Courtney, Alison, Heather, and Ali
My beautiful cousins: Abby and Jaime

David's sister Lauren came in from St. Louis for the party!

Beth, the most amazing friend, none of this would have been possible without her.

Ali, my second sister, stepped out as a new mommy to be!

Camp Marimeta besties: Lisa and Lauren (berg)

Our boyfriends/fiances may be best friends but so are we:) Nicole and Stephanie

These ladies are also here representing my Texas lovelies.. Hook Em'!  I was definitely missing La, Emily (Linus), and Emily (Dudy)

Kate, the almost bride!  I can't wait to be her bridesmaid on 4/28.

Giving my toast and officially asking my besties to be my bridesmaids!
I then handed out the swag bags and inside was a copy of the picture that was hanging with a personal note on back, some homemade cookies and a mini champagne that said "David popped the question now it's my turn!" Melissa, La, Judi, Linus and Dudy, I promise yours will arrive shortly sorry if I ruined the surprise.

Me and 14 of my beautiful bridesmaids all in our Little Black Dresses!!
This is as much of the cake as we could eat.. Beth you really outdid yourself.
All in all, it was truly a magical day and I couldn't be more excited with the nineteen girls that will stand by my side as I marry David.  This is such a special time in my life and I really couldn't be where I am today if I didn't have all the support and love from my best friends.


  1. You are adorable!! That is the CUTEST way to ask your besties to be your bridesmaids! Bravo Traci, I look forward to hearing much more about Traci & CO! xoxo

  2. Just found my way here through Tamra.... what an amazing way to ask your bridesmaids!!! I absolutely love the invitations. Everything came out perfectly!

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