Friday, April 13, 2012


Sorry I have been so MIA this week, but I have been extremely busy working on a huge surprise..  I promise I will reveal it next week. 

In the meantime, who else is excited for tonight? 

I mean I like"Say Yes to the Dress" when the brides are finding their dresses, but when they are on the hunt for the bridesmaid dress, I am just obsessed.  This is when you really get to see the true bridezillas come out.  This will give me much inspiration when me and my 19 bridesmaids embark on that journey together.  They don't know who they are yet, but maybe after my big surprise... OK I have said too much already. 

Anyways who else is tuning in to the season premier?  It is like your guiltiest pleasure just got guiltier.

I also want to wish my freshman roommates a happy 4/13.  It is such a wonderful day I wish I could send you each a box of tiff treats.  xoxo