Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Idol Season Finale

I am not quite sure how many of you are into American Idol this year, but after an entire season I am very satisfied with this years finalists.  I am pretty sure it took me all season to get over the fact that Haley Reinhart didn't win.  If I had this blog last year I am pretty sure you would ALL have known my actual obsession with her.  I just think she is so good and her voice is probably my favorite female voice out there.

She not only has such a great voice, but she is also adorable.  She was styled with sexy but classy taste.  Not in the way Jessica Sanchez from this year makes you feel uncomfortable with the amount of skin she is ALWAYS showing at sixteen.  If you haven't grasped my love for Haley yet, let me give you some more details... if you press the iPod button on my iPhone Haley's new single "Free" will appear almost always, also, if I could have ONE performer at my wedding it would be Haley.  I say this because she is from Wheeling, IL and it probably isn't impossible to get her (wink wink David).

OK, so as I mentioned it took me all season to get over Haley not winning, but now I am announcing I am in full support of Phillip Phillips.

I have loved him since the beginning, but originally I was unsure about him because of the immense resemblance he has to Dave Matthews. 

If you only know me through this blog then maybe I should mention I used to have an actual obsession with DMB.  Not your I went to see him every summer in high school when he came to town obsession.. NO I am talking seen him over fifty times in three different countries and probably well over fifteen states.  I used to travel around to see him all over the country.  I still love him, but having an adult full time job has forced me to move on (a little).  That being said it was hard to decide what I felt for Phillip.  Literally his mannerisms mirror Dave.  However, over time I have decided I do in fact LOVE him.  He can make any song entertaining.  I feel like he really has a future.  I am also really hoping he plays with Dave tomorrow night.

Anyways, I do also like Jessica a little bit and I can finally stop fast forwarding through Joshua so I am pumped for tonight.  I felt it necessary to fill you in on my feelings for tonight and also take a moment to acknowledge some of my musical loves, Haley and Dave.