Friday, May 11, 2012

Picking a Rehearsal Dinner Venue

When David and I got engaged it was pretty simple to make the basic plans for the wedding.  We knew the band, venue, and photographer we wanted so all we had to do was find a date that all three were available. I remember calling David after my Mom had finalized the date and it was almost as if he was upset.  Not that he didn't want everything we picked out, he just thought it would be more of a fun process to go look at venues like his friends had done in the past.  He thought we would bicker over a few things and then finally make a decision.  I basically had to explain to him we are lucky we didn't have to get into an argument over our venue and I promised him he would be a part of EVERYTHING else. 

Well today, is our first day of making some serious wedding decisions!! David's parents have come in from St. Louis and we are going to look at different venues for the rehearsal dinner.  We are just so excited to actually do something that isn't over the phone, but in person.  I think we will feel like it is really all happening... we are going to get married! 

I haven't discussed with his parents or him if I am allowed to divulge any actual information on this blog, so I don't want to make anyone mad.  However below are some highlights of each of the contenders (I cannot wait to see them in person):

Choice #1 has beautiful views of the river and those amazing chandeliers. I hope the inside space is just as breathtaking.

Choice #2 is uber modern and fun.  The space itself is just so unique, plus, David and I ate here for my birthday one year which would hold a special significance.

Choice #3 claims to have pretty much the best views in the city.  With guests visiting from all over it would be incredible to offer this at the rehearsal dinner!

Each one is so different an unique and I cannot wait to visit each one and make a decision.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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