Monday, May 7, 2012

JuiceRX Cleanse

Okay, so I promise to try my hardest this week, but I am a little nervous. This morning I started a cleanse.  It is a juice cleanse all natural, but I am very scared to see how it will play out.  My friend (and bridesmaid) Beth, and I are attempting this together.  The scary part is the two of us LOVE to eat.  I mean she is the one that made my Traci & Co. sweet table possible.  However, we are always trying to stay in shape we have been taking pilates together for years now.  When she suggested we partake in this cleanse I figured what that hell this can kickstart my wedding diet!

The cleanse we are doing is called JuiceRX Cleanse and it is available to those that live in Chicago.  It consists of six different juices a day. 

So I have had a few sips of my Spicy Lemonade this morning and I am feeling empowered. I will keep you updated on my progress.

Hope you all have a great day... eat lots of noodles for me:)