Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No-Chip Manicures

I am so so so excited for the wedding I am attending this weekend.  The wedding is in Dallas and the weather forecast says its going to be 95 degrees the entire time!  I am going to be spending all of Saturday in the pool which makes me worry about my nails.  I am planning to get a mani/pedi tonight, but if I spend a lot of time in chlorine, will my nails be chipping by Saturday night?

I would hate for that to happen because I get so upset when I am trying to look all fancy and my nails look horrible.  Maybe it is something my Mom instilled in me, but I have a need for nice looking nails (if anyone in my office is reading this please don't comment on my current nail condition).  However, there really is nothing to worry about, because I plan on getting a No-Chip manicure.  Have you ever gotten one of these?  Yes, they are a little bit pricier (in Chicago they go for about $30), but they last the entire TWO WEEKS.  I don't know about you, but I think it is really worth it.    Another plus about No-Chips is your nails are completely dry when you leave.  They put your hands under UV lamps and after a few minutes they are dry!  If you are worried about damaging your skin I heard of a wonderful trick... put on sun screen before your mani! 

There are many different brands to choose from, but my two favorites are Shellac and OPI.  I like to go with an OPI color when I plan on matching my toes and nails since they occasionaly make their regular colors for their No-Chip line.

This weekend the wedding is black tie so I am keeping away from the bright colors. Instead I plan on doing Romantique by Shellac.
There are only two downsides to getting a No-Chip manicure.  The first one is since they don't have as many colors to choose from you can't always have the latest colors you see in the magazines. The second downside is the removal process.  They soak you hands in acetone nail polish remover for around ten minutes.  Neither of these discourage me too much because I am willing to part with the IT color and sit through a removal for two weeks of perfect nails. 

 As a professional bridesmaid I highly encourage you to get a No-Chip before a big wedding weekend.  Between packing, traveling, getting ready and sometimes spending time in the pool it is worth the extra money to gaurentee you nails are flawless for the big day.  Does anyone else agree with me?


  1. Once you go shellac you never go back!! well, unless you just are in the mood to change polish a lot. but for events and busy seasons, shellac is my go too!