Friday, May 18, 2012

All Day I Dream about THIS Shoe!

Today I found out some exciting and scary news... Christian Louboutin is opening a boutique in Chicago.  If you have ever been to one they are just as beautiful as the shoes.  Anyways, in honor of this fantastic news I felt it was appropriate to stop the shower advice and discuss with you all my dream shoe.  Everyday Occasionally, I search the designer shoe departments online to see if there is anything new I would want for my wedding shoe.  Okay, so I know my wedding is more than a year away, but if I happen to find something now that I can't get out of my mind I would just have to buy it.  Well, haven't found that shoe yet, but I did find my right now, have to have it, wouldn't eat for a month so I can use my pay check, IMPOSSIBLE to find dream shoe.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Neon Pump

I saw them about four weeks ago and there was a size 37 available online.  Of course responsible Traci said to herself, "Yes, they are amazing, but how long will they be in style, you don't need them.  Maybe you can justify if they were a staple item, but this cannot be justified."  So I didn't get them, although they would pop in to my mind every few minutes days.  Last week I decided this is ridiculous I really just want these I have so many weddings coming up and I can pair this with so much in my closet they are awesome just splurge and get them.  So I went back to the Neiman Marcus website and all that was left was a size 41!  At this point I am devastated.  When I make up my mind I am going to splurge I then cannot get it out of my head.  I start to google "Christian Louboutin Pigalle Neon Pump" and all I can find are weird sites that are obviously selling knockoffs.  I then confide in my bestie, coworker, and bridesmaid, Hillary, and we did a little research.

Ashley Madekwe - They make her outfit.
Kim Kardashian - They make her outfit.
Brooklyn Decker- They make her outfit.

So basically, we discovered not only are they my dream shoe, many celebrities are wearing them and just as I suspected, they are MAKING their outfits.  I try desperately again to find these shoes online and now the size 41 is no longer available.  Instead this is what it says on the Neiman Marcus site.

At this point I am beside myself and do what any crazy normal person would do, I start an online chat with a customer service representative at Neiman Marcus. I ask if this style will be returning and if there is a waitlist.  I am then informed the news I was dreading.. this shoe has been discontinued.

So basically, I am shit out of luck and my dream will not come true.  OK I know this is a little extreme and again I DO NOT NEED A NEON CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN PUMP, but this is my blog and I promise to always write what is on my mind.

Also, I just want to point out the pump is amazing even if it was black or nude (which they are sold out of in both colors because I tried to get the black).  A dear friend of mine did manage to snatch up the last pair of size 37 nude Pigalle 120mm on the site.  Do you know there is NO tax and shipping is free?  Anyways, I know this post may be a little over the top, but a girl can dream about neon yellow shoes.  So that is what I will do, I will dream.  If any of you have any suggestions on how to get these on my feet I would love to hear.

THANKS for reading and have a lovely weekend.  If any of you have these swoontastic dreamy amazing shoes wear them proud and send me pictures.  On second hand I can't bare to see them anymore so please hold the pictures.



  1. I LOVE these shoes. I once saw Kourtney Kardashian rock them with an all white outfit with a tiny pop of neon pink and I've been in love ever since.


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