Friday, March 16, 2012

Asking your Bridesmaids

Now that I am officially a bride I get to start all the exciting wedding planning.  We are getting married in August of 2013 so there isn't that much that needs to be planned yet.  We are using the same venue, photographer and band as my sister, so we managed to complete the big things all in one day.  So now onto my speciality... bridesmaids.  I can't wait to announce my bridesmaids, and even though I have an eighteen month engagement, I am planning on asking them pretty soon.  I have so many close friends I could seriously have thirty bridesmaids.  I know I can't have that many so I have narrowed it down to nineteen.  Okay, I know you are reading this going NINETEEN this girl is insane, but I am not.  I truly have the best friends in the world and I cannot cut any one of them.  In the next month they will know who they are, and I am so excited to explain my friendships and stories to you. 

Now that I have picked my bridesmaids I am busy planning how to ask them.  Some brides ask in the most creative ways, others just ask.  I had one friend ask me on the phone when she was telling me she got engaged.  Although it was so fast she was in the moment and I found it really special.  I think the most important thing to remember is you want to make the bridesmaid feel special.  Highlight your individual friendship and make sure they know that you wouldn't want to get married without them by your side.

I am so excited about my plan I wish I could announce it to the world right now, but it will be soon enough!