Thursday, March 15, 2012

Best Friends Forever

I am so lucky to still be so close with the girls I played on the playground with in first grade.  We became best friends automatically and as we grew up, with the addition of a few girls, we have stayed best friends.  With all our hectic lives its hard to find a time where we can all be together, therefore we created Wacky Wednesday.  Wacky Wednesday happens once a month on a Wednesday and every month a different girl coordinates the dinner plans and/or an activity.  In the past we have gone to some pretty fun dinner and even a cardio striptease class.  Last night my friend Kimberly organized an unforgettable birthday and engagement party for me.  She figured we are silly girls who met at the age of 5 so why not act like it.  She went all out with dinosaur invitations in the mail where she invited us to the Rain Forest Cafe for a wild safari.  Everyone was required to wear animal print and she even handed out goodie bags.  A small child came up to the table to announce how unfair it was we had candy and he didn't.  The night was so fun and I couldn't have felt more loved!  Do you have a Rain Forest Cafe in your area that you always walk by but haven't been in for years?  If so, we highly recommend it.  Honestly, there were more tables of adult than children by the time we left.. none of which were dressed to impress as much as us:)

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