Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party: Location Location Location

The first task in planning a bachelorette party is deciding on the location.  Some brides want a destination party and others want to keep it low key and where they are from. If a bride is having a destination wedding she most likely won't expect her friends to also travel to the bachelorette party.  Below are some of my favorite locations for bachelorette parties!


Las Vegas is the ultimate location for a bachelorette party.  The question you have to ask is does the bride really want to let loose this weekend?  If she wants to party all day at the pool and then party all night in a club then Vegas is for her.  Odds are if the bride wants to go to Vegas she will let you know as soon as she gets engaged.  I find Vegas to be a great place for a larger group of girls.  Many of the hotel rooms are suites so everyone can hang out together and the casinos are a great way to get free drinks!


Miami is another location that is ideal for the bride that wants that last wild fling before the ring.  If the girls want a weekend escape to warm weather and to stay in the US Miami is the best choice.  You can have fun in the sun all day and get dressed up and hit South Beach at night.  Miami has some fun bars, but when you want to do it up you have some of the best clubs in the world.


Austin is a great option if you want to feel like you are 21 again and have the time of your life.  If the bride wants to get wild at night, but relax during the day Austin is just perfect.  It is also a more affordable option than the first two.  In Austin when a bachelorette party walks down 6th street they are going to be called into every bar to get free shots.  This saves the bridal party A LOT of money.  If clubs aren't your scene, choose Austin, there are hundreds of bars and live music and you hardly ever have to pay cover or wait in lines!! 


For me Chicago is home.  I have had a few friends opt to have their bachelorette parties in Chicago, and honestly I have had some of the best nights ever.   If you haven't ever been on a trolley in Chicago, I highly suggest you come here and do it.  It normally costs about 20 dollars a girl and you can bar hop all night long and drink while your at it.  Chicago summers are the best and whether it is a destination party or not, you can never go wrong with a trip to Chicago.


So I say Lake Geneva, but what I really mean is a lake town, Lake Geneva is one not far from Chicago.  If the bride just wants to be with her girls and relax and reminisce, why not rent a cabin away from the hustle and bustle of the city?  You can go out for meals at the local restaurants, or you can cook at home.  Make the martinis from scratch and play the bachelorette games.. it could be the perfect weekend!


If you want to use the weekend to relax and explore Napa could be the perfect solution.  You don't have to do Napa super fancy, you can rent a house nearby and find an affordable tour.  The food is great and we know the wine is great, what more can you ask for?  You could also rent a party bus to take you to San Francisco for a night out!


These are merely suggestions, but I think they would all make for a great weekend.  Do you have any locations that you think are great for a bachelorette party?