Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Engagement Outfit

If you read my engagement story here then you know I bought a new outfit for what I thought was an interview with CS Brides Magazine.  I also thought I was going straight to a birthday dinner after.  I wanted to look cute and trendy without being too overdressed. 

Here was the final product:
This is not the best picture but the only one I had of my jacket open
Another just OK shot but at least the shoes made it!

I knew I wanted to wear my Alice + Olivia black legging/skinny pant so I had to just find something neutral for the top (remember I was told no patterns)

These are not the exact ones but I love these

In order to achieve this look (with a schedule that did not allow me to hit any shops) I went directly to Shopbop. At Shopbop you can order whatever you need and it arrives the next day via free shipping. It also comes with free returns and packaging that can be reused. I normally order a few sizes if I am unsure and then return the one I am not happy with.

Do you know this is called the Fiance Blazer?  I kept telling David all night, but he didn't really seem to think it was as funny as I did.
I paired it with my pearls David had given me for our anniversary this year and these shoes...

I didn't want to wear my sparkly Jimmy Choos to an interview but somehow David convinced me I should.

I kept telling David I was going to wear my black boots, but he kept saying you will have more fun in your sparkly shoes.  I should have guessed we were getting engaged but I didn't!  I am so happy I wore them honestly my feet didn't hurt at all, but that might have been because I was floating on cloud nine the entire night:)