Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Gifts

Friday was the first weekday I haven't posted since I started this blog in January, and I feel like it has been forever!  I ran out of my office so quickly when I heard my sister was in labor that I forgot the charger for my laptop and even forgot my winter jacket.  David flew out to meet Spencer this weekend and we had such a great time giving Melissa and Jeff all the gifts we picked out over the past nine months. 
"iPood" Bodysuit
Blue Bear Baby Mat

Moncler Baby Cocoon ( no longer available online but this is just as adorable)
Y3 Baby Shoes (they aren't online anywhere)

Splendid Stripe Infant Hoodie

7 For All Mankind (Spencer's first 7's!)

I promise to be back tomorrow with professional bridesmaid material but I just had to share!


  1. Lauren Kraus3/5/12, 11:40 AM

    This kid is going to have a better wardrobe than me!

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