Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Guest Post} The Bride's Perspective: Making it Your Own LOVE STORY

I am so excited to have Tamra here today from ever swoon participating in The Bride's Perspective series.  Tamra used to write the blog, Walks with Bella, and has now transistioned into Studio Swoon.  She has been a blogging inspiration to me and personally reached out as soon as I started COAPB.  I am happy to call her a friend and have her share her wedding experience with all of you!


Hello lovers!  I'm Tamra, the girl with the sparkling shoes behind ever swoon!  I'm so excited to be with you today at Confessions of a Professional Bridesmaid.  The first time I read COAPB, I was hooked!  Traci's outlook on being a bridesmaid is one of the most positive I've ever read.  Each bride she has supported as a bridesmaid is a lucky lady! Now, all those ladies will have to reciprocate her awesomeness because she is a bride herself! Congratulations my dear!!

Today I am sharing you my "Brides Perspective" and my favorite aspect about planning my own wedding and how my wedding inspired ever swoon.  There are a lot of factors that surrounded the planning of both my wedding and company, but I'll spare you from the novel and share with you one simple tip that can make an enormous difference.  Celebrate each moment of the journey of engagement and make the entire process about your LOVE STORY. 

From your engagement photos, to venue viewings, to vendor meetings, to showers, to the honeymoon, make this process about you.  When you are planning your engagement photos, focus on how you fell in love, where you fell in love, and what you both love to do together.  Your photos will then tell your story and also serve as wonderful reminders of the memories of how your story began and why you fell in love.

When my hubs and I were planning, we focused on one thing, our love for each other.  Our goal was to have our guests "experience" our love story.  We wanted them to be surrounded by things we loved because after all, your guests are in attendance to do only one thing, celebrate you and your love for one another.  The choir we choose in our ceremony, was the same choir we listen to every Sunday at Mass.  Although we had a formal black-tie wedding, we added a disco ball, amazing DJ, and a congo player.  Let's just say we "swooned" outside the box!

The foundation of ever swoon is my passion for helping others create their own unique celebrations while helping them maintain focus on what is truly important to them. 

How would you celebrate your love story??


  1. Thank you for having me over darlin! This was so much fun!

  2. i so needed to hear this. love it. fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  3. love Tamra! Great advice, and I loved her wedding!