Friday, August 3, 2012


It is FINALLY here!  My favorite part of summer, Lollapalooza!!!  As much as I love the music my favorite part is just day drinking (into night drinking) with my friends and soaking up the sun.  The backdrop of Chicago is pretty much unbeatable and every year it helps me to reconfirm why I love this city so much!!  Tomorrow we are kicking off the day with a Booze and Bagels party at our apartment, which seems to be rounding up a large crowd. 

The memories I make at Lolla usually go down in the books as some of my all time favorites.  To enlighten you let me describe last years shenanigans: Sunday morning at 9am I landed at O'hare after being at a bachelorette party in Miami where we had a table at LIV until about 3am. I walked into a packed apartment where a pregame was in full swing.  In my drunken exhausted state I figured my Chanel bag from the night before would work well as a festival purse (yes, I am an idiot).  The weather was so nice and as we made our way to the festival I was completely content with my decision.  About two hours later the torrential downpour began.  I took my shirt off to protect the bag, but my Splendid tee really wasn't doing the job.  While most people would find some shade I decided it was time to try and catch a cab.  I was soaking wet, why would a cab driver ever let me in his cab?  I ended up walking all the way home.  Okay, so it doesn't sound fun, but actually it was hysterical.  Once I was home safe I found it so funny and I now have a wonderful memory and a very bendy bag.  As to not repeat history I am not bringing any sort of purse and I am hoping the rain will hold off.  Its those crazy moments when you think you are experiencing the worst thing ever that I tend to look back and love the most.

Today, I am especially excited to be marking a check off of my bucket list.. 

You may remember from this post, that I have an obsession with Haley Reinhart.  Well today, at 1:10pm I am taking a lunch break to go watch Haley preform!!!  Yes, I am going to Grant Park by myself stone cold sober to watch the third place contestant from last years season of American Idol perform, and I could NOT be more excited.  Ugh, I would even stick around for the autograph signing, but I have to get back to the produce. 

Anyways, if you are in town for Lolla and come say hi I will be there all weekend just send me an email or a tweet:)

*Lollapalooza photo was taken from the website


  1. How fun!! I loved the pics from your weekend. I still need updates on your dress shopping! Let's skype sometime!

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