Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Your Typical Shower

As promised today I want to share with you one of the craziest events to ever happen in my life, let alone at a wedding shower.  If you follow me on instagram you may have a clue about what happened, but I will explain everything.

The day started out as any shower would.  The ladies arrived we chatted for about half an hour, ate appetizers, and then took our seats.  Of course me being me I couldn't bring my new fancy camera because I obviously have lost the charger already, so I am stuck with mediocre iPhone shots.  However, here is some cute shots of the day.

This is a picture of a homecoming portrait of Lisa and Adam from FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL! 

Pretty place cards

Me and the pretty bride

So we eat and play a game and then it is time to unwrap the gifts.  All the bridesmaids are busy getting situated in their unwrapping positions.  Lisa and Adam are handed their first gift when all of a sudden a waitress comes in and asks Lisa if she wants decaf or regular coffee.  We look up and behind her in walks a camera crew and a few other people.  Lisa is looking at this waitress with the oddest stare, not answering if she wants coffee or anything. I swear it felt like time stopped nobody knew what was going on everyone was just looking around more confused than the next.  Then all of a sudden Lisa shouts...

At this point, I am not sure if the adults were picking up on what was happening, but I know at least the bridesmaids that were up by the present table were all confused.  In my head I am thinking how does she know this Gloria women?  Is she an old boss?  Is she an old teacher?  Who can she possibly be and what is she doing with a camera crew?  Nobody knew if this was planned or what was going on.  I looked behind me and Lisa's cousin says I think it is Gloria Estefan.  I immediately shot her down like why would she be at a restaurant in Highland Park, IL?  So slowly we come to realize it is indeed

It is just complete chaos!  Lisa starts telling her how she had just seen her on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," and everyone is trying to figure out what she was doing here!

It turns out they were filming for the CW show, "The Next," which is a new series premiering on August 16th.  Gloria and other major superstars are traveling the country to find performers that are on the brink of success.  Apparently, there is a woman that sings at Bella Via in Highland Park every week and she will be a contestant on the show.  Gloria and her crew had some time to kill so when she heard there was a wedding shower going on she figured why not drop in! 

It was pretty surreal and a moment the bride says "she will never forget."  I personally am so thankful that Lisa watched "What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" recently, or she may not have known who it was.  I am not saying we are too young of course we know her music, but if I were the bride I think I would have been clueless.  Gloria was so sweet and continued to tell Lisa to cherish these moment and pointed out she just celebrated her 34th wedding anniversary with her husband, Emilio Estefan, who was present as well.  It will be a memory we all hold on to for a long time and I seriously do not know when the words "Gloria?" will get old!


  1. hahahah OMG amazing recap!!! still not over it!!! Gloria???

  2. OH my gosh how awesome!! On a first name basis with Ms. Gloria! That's a great story!

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