Friday, August 10, 2012

NO Tights Please!

As fall approaches, wedding season kicks into full gear for me.  I have at least one wedding every month until January, and then they pick back up in April.  With so many weddings taking place out of town, it also means I have several rehearsal dinners coming up.  If you know me well you know I am not a big fan of tights.  I know, I know, they keep you warm, they come in different patterns, colors, materials, I don't care I do whatever I can to be without tights for as long as possible.  I think it has something to do with wearing tights for ice skating for so many years, but I just despise them. I usually cave around Febuary, but until then I do what I can to stay warm and still wear dresses. 

At the actual wedding you are normally fine, if you are staying in the hotel you get ready and go down to the reception, easy no tights required.  The rehearsal dinners, however, require you to leave the hotel, which means you are destined to be cold.  That is why a leather jacket is my favorite go-to in this situation.  Stay warm, stay cute, stay happy.. NO tights needed (for me at least)!

Leather jackets can get pricey, but there are always a few gems out there.. here are some of my favs:

Rebecca Minkoff $529 / velvet By GRAHAM & SPENCER $169 / Bod & Christensen $365 /                 BB Dakota $102  / Veda $334 / Allsaints Spitalfields $395