Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap: Our -1 Anniversary

Friday night was so special.  David and I went out to a romantic dinner at one of  Chicago's hidden gems, Pelago.  The night started out with a bit of a surprise for me.. we had distinctly said no gifts.  Since we are still planning on celebrating our fourth (and final) year of dating on December 13th, we decided NO gifts for -1.  Well I followed the rule, but David did not.

When we were popping a bottle of champagne before dinner David pulled out this:

I mean that wrapping paper is what I would declare life.  It is so glittery and pretty and perfect.  David nailed the wrapping so well, I couldn't even imagine what was inside!  He then told me to open this card:

Enough said.  This card was also life.  So basically I am all choked up and so confused what could possibly be inside.  After I spent 15 minutes unwrapping as to not destroy any of the paper, my mouth literally dropped.  Inside was the clutch I have been eyeing for weeks at Intermix.  I had vaguely mentioned I wanted to show it to him one day when we passed by, but we never even went in!  He must have made a mental note and went back and got it.  Seriously, it was so unexpected and over the top.  I am still a little shakey thinking about it!

After dinner we decided to head over to the Four Seasons, our wedding venue, to take a quick pic:

I proceeded to send this out to our entire family with the caption "1 year bitches" to which my Mom was a little upset with my choice of words.

When we got home we opened a special bottle of wine:

Our best friends, Eric and Stephanie, gave us 3 bottles of wine when we got engaged, one to drink on our pre-anniversary, another for our 1 year anniversary, and a final bottle for our 5 year anniversary.  It was so exciting to finally get to pop one open!

We filled some solo cups and went on a walk with Pizza, and overall it was probably one of my favorite nights we have ever spent together.

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!