Thursday, August 2, 2012

Will You be My Groomsman?

As Lollapalooza quickly approaches, the visitors are beginning to arrive.  When David's best man, Andy, came in from LA last night, it made me realize I never shared how he asked his groomsmen.  Now, unlike me and my professional ways, David has never been in a wedding so his own wedding with be the first he stands up in.  However, David doesn't half ass anything.  After seeing my major production on asking my bridesmaids (if you missed it you can read about it here), he wanted to make sure he added a creative touch to his approach.  He hemmed and hawed at what he could do and threw out a bunch of ideas.  I then turned him on to Etsy where he could let his imagination run wild.  That is where he came across these incredible beer bottle labels by Michele Purner Designs:


They had the perfect combination of sentimental value and humor.  He added his own personal touch including "DIK & TAK" one one side which is his initials and my future initials (Traci Anne Kraus) and different "Bro" terms on top instead of cheers.  Here is a pic of one of his originals:

I thought it was just a perfect way to ask his very best friends.  For those that lived in Chicago they came over to our place for some scotch and then went to brunch, and he sent the rest to those that lived out of town.  I loved how I came home after and a few had even finished their beers.. I mean how funny is that would a girl ever drink something that had sentimental value?

Some did catch the sentimental value and I see them on display in their apartments.  My favorite display, is the one I can catch at only three apartments. 

At three apartments you can find the bottle of champagne I used to ask my bridesmaids sitting next to the beer David used.  It is so special that three of David's besties love three of my besties.  As David and I take a giant leap to spend our lives together, I can be assured we have some great "family friends" to look forward to in the future!

I thought it was so sweet of David to think outside the box and I am pretty sure all of his friends appreciated the thought he put into asking them to be a part of his big day.