Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend recap: My Trip to Michigan!

This past weekend was filled with family and relaxing, it was exactly what I needed.  David and I drove up to Michigan to visit my Sister, brother-in-law and their little baby Spencer.  It is so crazy how fast he is growing up, he is honestly the cutest little munchkin ever. 

We brought pizza along with us so she could spend some quality time with her cousin Izzy.

On Saturday Melissa and Jeff threw a surprise party for Jeff's Moms 60th birthday.  I was so impressed with how grown up she has become...  I mean look at this food she served...

OK I meant look at the food she catered, but a catered party that is so mature!!  She also came up with this adorable "Myna's Hard Lemonade" stand that I helped her execute (I cut out some labels)

We also ran into a special someone while on a walk...

But, mainly I jam packed my weekend with some much needed Spencer time.

Playing with uncle David's nose

 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Aww all these pics are way too adorable adn the food ones made my mouth watery : )

    xoxo aley

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