Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roast or Toast?


 If the bride asks you to give a speech at some point throughout the wedding weekend I think it is important to remember the difference between giving a roast and a toast.  For starters you have to remember who you are speaking about.  If the bride is sarcastic and can take a good roasting session then go ahead, but if she is sweet and sincere and just wants to hear how you became such good friends and some words of wisdom, stick with what will genuinely make her happy.  Of course you want your speech to standout amongst the room full of listeners, but it should not be at the expensive of your friend.  You have to remember she has family, coworkers, and family friends in the room as well as everyone from her grooms side, and she may not be up for a harsh beating.

Basically, my one piece of advice is do this for her and make she will be overcome with happy tears not sad ones! 


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