Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Engaged Bridesmaids

When my parents have celebrated a big anniversary in the past I have always thought it is such a coincidence their good friends are celebrating the same anniversary the same year as them.  Now, boy do I get it!  As my wedding approaches in just about 6 months I will stand up for my cousin a few months before and one of my best friends a few months after.  I also have a feeling as soon as the weather heats up there may be a few more best friends jumping on the engaged train.

This means I am going to have several engaged bridesmaids!  This leaves me in an interesting predicament when it comes to bridesmaid gifts.

I am obsessed with monograms and I think they look so cute in wedding pictures.  I have a few ideas of gifts I want to give the girls, but my hope is they will want to reuse them.  If I have a bunch of girls that are about to tie the knot, do they really want their maiden monogram?  How can I give them a new monogram before they are even married?  Do I have to give just an initial or a first name?  WHAT DO I DO?!! I am asking all those brides out there that have been in my shoes to please share with me what they did?  Any engaged girls have a preference on what they would want?



  1. I think that after we get married, we still have our identity..I have no problem wearing my maiden name on anything.. and it will bring memories of before I was married at my best friends wedding..

  2. I actually agree with this. Because what if your bridesmaids aren't even changing their last names in all senses? Maybe they are keeping their maiden names for work or something. I think the maiden name is definitely still part of the identity and if they are not married by your wedding...there is no harm in using the maiden name monogram.

  3. For my engaged bridesmaids I am either doing just a single initial (i.e. "R" instead of "RMW" or writing their name out "Rebecca."

  4. I agree with the first comment .... curious what other responses will be!