Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Skin that is Wedding Ready

With the wedding nearly six months away I have stepped up my game on many levels.  I have been working out about six days a week and have been trying to eat healthy.  I really haven't kicked it into full gear yet, but I do have a plan as the date slowly approaches.  I am pretty confident if I put in the work I will be happy with the way I look and feel come August.

Until recently, however, I never really thought about what I would be doing as far as skin care for the big day.  I have always had decent skin so besides for a few breakouts I never paid much attention to the products I used.  Don't get me wrong, I have always LOVED products (Judi don't have a heart attack I haven't been lying to you) I just would buy them use them for a few weeks and then completely ditch them.  After talking to another friend that is getting married after me she kind of turned a light on.  I want my skin to be bright and perfect for my wedding.  As a result I have spent the past few weeks (one of the projects I worked on while I was on my blog break) reading a researching and I have come up with a great regiment.  After about three weeks of commitment to my regiment and one facial, I am loving my skin more than I ever have.  I can really see myself continuing this plan after the wedding.  Today, I will start with what I have been doing in the morning.  Some of these products overlap, but I will be back tomorrow to share which I use at night along with a few other products.  Please feel free to let me know anything else you used in order to make yourself feel ready and confident for the biggest day of either yours or your friends life!!

1.  Philosophy- Purity: Gentle & refreshing face wash
2.  Kiehl's- Ultra Facial Toner: Do you know you every time you wash your face you are supposed to follow with a toner to restore the ph balance?
3.  Orgins- GinZing Eye Cream: I put it on the lids and under eyes and it has been eliminating the puffiness almost immediately
4.  Kiehl's- Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream: This is the most expensive product so I may switch it out after the wedding, but seriously does it work wonders.  I find my skin feeling tighter after using it for only 3 weeks.  I know I am years away from real wrinkles, but it is never to early to start preventing them.  I bought it with SPF because I plan on using it during the day, but if you want to use it at night you can also get it without.
5.  Garnier- BB Cream: Oh my do I love you BB cream.  I know it's the craze right now, but seriously this Garnier brand is the most amazing product ever and it is under $15.  My skin has changed dramatically ever since I started using this.  It provides the right amount of coverage without looking caked on and then while its working as a foundation all day it is also correcting my skin.  Oh, on top of it it smells fabulous.  I am obsessed.  The little pimples I used to get in my T-zone are gone.  GONE. GONE!!! Okay, you get it.  SO GO GET IT!