Thursday, February 21, 2013


David and I started to register this past weekend, and I still think I am recovering.  OMG is it hard.  We are having a huge wedding so we are being told we need to register for an upwards of 400 items.  400 items!!! It all just seems so crazy to me because we literally live in a teeny tiny apartment and I have no room for the stuff I currently have.  Luckily we are looking to buy a place, but that is not going as well as I would have hoped so we may be stuck in our place another year.  So I apologize to any visitors we may have in the next year.. you may be sleeping among the boxes.  

Aside from my anxiety about where to put everything, I just really don't know what I really need and I really can't believe we get all of this just because we love each other!  It is all just so crazy and exciting at the same time.  We have, however, gotten the hang of it and I am starting to finally be excited about our plan.  I figure I may as well share our experience with all of you, because I think it would have been helpful for us if I had a game plan going into it.

I think I had been told to go scout out what you think you want at ALL of the stores you want to register at before I begin.  We really didn't have time so we didn't follow this rule and I am so thankful for that.  My first piece of advice is DO NOT DRAG YOUR MAN ANYWHERE BEFORE YOU BEGIN.  David is actually really into picking everything out, but honestly it is such a tiring process nobody needs to "scout" it out before.  Just go in and point that gun at anything that interests you.  

Another important tip is to focus your time and energy on the items you will use the most.  We literally took over an hour to decide on our dinnerware.  We are very lucky and have inherited  my Grandma's china so we have decided to only get a large set of nice everyday dishes and  a small set of casual plates and bowls.  These sets are expensive so you want to make sure you really know what you want.  David and I had NO CLUE what we wanted.  We have similar tastes as far as decorating our home, but I have found myself wanting more traditional timeless items and David has been wanting more modern.  

With the help of our amazing lady at Bloomingdales we have decided on two different sets that can be mixed and matched perfectly together.  I would have never even thought about this or ever come up with this, so it was crucial that we asked for help.  

Michael Aram "Cast Iron" / Bernardaud "Ecume"
By getting 8 sets of each of the above we are able to mix and match making it more modern when we want it to be and more formal when the timing is right.  If we are entertaining 16 everyone will have the same Bernardaud charger and then from there we can play around to make our own custom table. 

Once you decide on dinnerware I promise you a lot of the pressure is off and then the fun begins.  Just go around and add anything you could possibly want.  When you get home you can go online and adjust.


  1. I really struggled with registering.... it irks me that things I can put on my registry can be found cheaper other places (ex. Calphalon bakeware at Home Goods).
    Love what you picked out!

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