Monday, February 4, 2013

Where the **** Have I Been?

So have you been wondering where I have been lately?  I am so sorry life got pretty hectic and on top of it I caught a horrible cold, so I needed to take a break from blogging, but I am back and ready to go!  The bright side is I was distracted by only good things (aside from the cold) and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

For starters, we have decided to start looking to buy our own place!  I have seen so many places in the past few weeks, and this past weekend we put in our very first bid.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the place, but we know this just means it wasn't meant to be.  I am really excited to share this process with you as we make this major step in our life.

I have also had to tackle a good amount of wedding planning which only means we are getting closer to the big day!!

I will be back tomorrow with some bridesmaid insight, but for now here is a recap of my little blogging break:

This little one took very good care of me while I was sick.  She basically showed me the ropes of what you do when you stay home from work.

I spent some quality time with my adorable nephew.  I cannot believe he is almost one!!

I completed the Step Up!! I was so proud of me and Steph we finished in under 35 minutes!

I have started my wedding diet.  Yup, this mean I am swapping noodles out for spaghetti squash and quinoa. 
And last night I hosted a small viewing party.  Not the best shot of my spread since most of it was in the oven, but it will do!